A new begining

Harpreet meets a boy from a famous band, but she doesnt know him. Their first meeting was in the plane and thats where it all started from.


2. Unpacking

Still Harpreets pov:

I couldnt move my limbs i had pins and needles all over my body. After I managed to get up, I grabbed my handbag ams went to my family. " Bye." I said to him. "Bye he replied. And with that i left. When I walked over, my family was still busy taking their handbags out.

When they were done we walked out the plane and I was just talking to my sister Aman, while my mum and dad were showin the pasdport and tickets.

We walked out the airport and the air of London hit my face and pleasured me. First time ever in london hope it goes well. But thats how the story of my life began. A new beginning.

My dad hired a cab and we all sat in it, hoping to get away from the cold and to the hotel. I got to have my own room. Yay! The ride to the hotel was in silence. Awkward silence.

When we reached the place, i carried some luggage along with my sister. My mum gave me the keys and I ran to my room. The rooms was beautifull, so well decorated and with a massive bathroom.

I decided to check rest of the beauty of my room later, I decided to unpack, and then take a nice long nap. I started unpacking.

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