A new begining

Harpreet meets a boy from a famous band, but she doesnt know him. Their first meeting was in the plane and thats where it all started from.


3. Thoughts

Harpreets pov:

After I finished unpacking, I sat on my bed thinkin about tomorrow. Oh you are probably thinking what is tomorrow? Well tomorrow i am goin to school, first time ever in London. I miss all my friends in Austria. Especially my boyfriend, Bradley, I still havent been in touch with him yet. I probably ahould call him.

I picked up my phone from my desk, and typed in bradley's name in my phone. I found his name, and called.

"Ring,Ring," it called.

Finally he picked up.

"hey bradley, i love you , i miss you soo much!" i said afraid that my credit will run out. "Hey babe, I love you and i miss you alot as well,I will come visit you in 2 months babe dont worry!"

"Awhhh okayy bradley love you!"

"aha okay i gotta go now my sis is annoying me right now he said. "Okay babe, Love youu!" I replied."Love you more he said.

I started laughing and then hung babe.

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