A new begining

Harpreet meets a boy from a famous band, but she doesnt know him. Their first meeting was in the plane and thats where it all started from.


1. Moving to London

Have you packed everything darling? said my mum anxiously. My mum was always the one in hurry it annoyed me soo much. But oh well she is my mum. Yes mum, im coming! I said back to her, hoping she calmed down a bit. Before i went downstairs i decided to check all the rooms to make sure they were all empty. First i checked in my mums and dads room and found it empty, then i checked my sisters who was 16 and i saw her sitting on my new touchscreen laptop playing games. ugggh!! She actually really pisses me off! GET OFF MY LAPTOPPP!!! i shout screaming on top of my voice. My mum comes running upstairs," will yous two stop fightin for gods sake its your last day!" she says getting a bit fed up.

Oh sorry! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Harpreet, I am 18, but trust me i act like a 12 year old child. I was born in Austria but my sister is canadian cuz she was born there. Lol!

Harpreets pov:

I snatched my laptop of my sister and ran down with my stuff. I sat in the back seat so i couldnt be disturbed, I put my headphones and relaxed.I could still make out my sis talkin about one direction but i coulnt make out what she was exactly sayin.

At the airport:

I was soo bored my parents were busy doing all the procedures to get on the plane. I saw this place reallt crowded, my sister started running like a cheetah. She was shouting out ONE DIRECTION, And I was just like they were the people who she was on about soo much. I went over to see who they were.

"Harpreet, come over and help with pickin up the suitcases," said my mum. Just then my sis came with one direction signed paper.

I walked to my mum and helped her pick uox the suitcases with my sister. We boarded the plane, and I sat in my seat. Good thing we were in first class. Unfortuntely, my seat was far away from the rest of my family. A boy with curly hair came and sat next to me.

"Hi," he said. Hey, I replied.

im harry he said harry styles. Im harpreet.

With that, I slept and rested my head in the cold window, i was sooo exhausted.

When I woke up, I was lying on harrys shoulder. i noticed him staring at me. Sorry i just got a bit carried away i said. Its ok, Good morning love we have landed in london.WHAT!? Already. Yep he said you slept the whole ride. Oh is what i mnaged to escape from my mouth.

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