Giggles: A Batman Fanfiction {Book II in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Harley Quinn thought it was a digestive problem . . . until she realized she forgot to refill the pills. {Joker X Harley. Rated Y for suggested sex, mild language, and some violence}


3. Chapter Three

Poison Ivy was awoken by a sudden knock on her front door. She sighed, pulling herself out of bed. She'd better answer it, because there was only one person that knew she lived in an abandoned toxic wasteland, and that one person probably needed her.

She was right. Harley Quinn was on her doorstep, close to tears. "What happened?" Ivy asked, already knowing the answer. They went through this once or twice a month.

"Mistah J kicked me out." Harley sniffled in reply. Ivy rolled her eyes and opened the door, letting her friend in.

"You know, you probably ought to leave him." Ivy advised, gesturing for Harley to sit. "What happened this time?"

Harley took a deep breath, and the whole story was out in about sixty seconds. Poison Ivy stared at her, stunned. Of all the Arkham inmates to multiply, why, oh why, did it have to be the clown? She deserved an heir more than he did . . . plants needed more than her to stick up for them. Joker . . . well, the Joker's style was easily mirrored.

"Harley . . ." Ivy started, but was immediately interrupted.

"Look, I know you're probably going to tell me it's my fault, and you're kind of right . . . I shoulda filled up on the pills. What sort of idiot forgets to refill?" Harley burst out into tears.

Ivy didn't know what to do. Harley was rarely like this. Must be hormones.

"Calm down." Ivy snapped. Harley looked at her, startled. "You're going to have to face that psychopathic creep sooner or later, and there's never been a better time."

"I can't just . . ."

"Yes, you can, Harley. I'll go with you. If he tries to hurt you, I'll have Fluffy there eat him." Ivy announced, pointing to her Venus flytrap.

"O-okay..." Harley sighed. She'd never stood up to Mistah J before.

This would be harder than she thought.

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