Giggles: A Batman Fanfiction {Book II in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Harley Quinn thought it was a digestive problem . . . until she realized she forgot to refill the pills. {Joker X Harley. Rated Y for suggested sex, mild language, and some violence}


6. Chapter Six

The Joker was infuriated. Well, more worried than infuriated. He'd told Harley to keep the kid inside for just a few days more, then he could break them out. But no, this kid just had to come out, didn't it?

Joker crossed his arms, sat among the other inmates, and fumed. He wasn't even allowed to be with Harl for the birth process. They let Poison Ivy be with her, though - they let the weed be with her, but not the father of the baby! They'd said she was saner than him. Joker huffed.
A guard, a big man, came into the room and gestured for the Joker, who got up and followed. "Harley Quinn has just given birth to twin daughters." he announced.

Twins?! How were they supposed to raise two kids?! Girls nonetheless! Neither of them a Joker Junior! Joker calmed down after a moment before asking, "Can I meet them?"

The guard could see the anger in Joker's glare, and his confident tone turned into a nervous stutter. "N-No. They've already b-been taken to orphanages, t-two separate ones."

Joker growled and raised a fist to beat on the guard, but he made himself lower his arm, actually seeing reason for once in his life. He'd just be making things worse by killing a guard not even an hour after being admitted to Arkham. The longer he and Harley had to stay in the asylum, the longer their kids had to stay in the orphanages. And the Joker wanted his daughters to be the Clown Princesses of Crime, not prissy little goody-two-shoes girls.

He began to think of a plan to escape as he was led back to his cell.




Harley Quinn walked up to the orphanage. It was a shabby place, with a couple of the windows on the upper stories broken. She couldn't believe one of her daughters was sent here. Number 12, Oak Road, Gotham - Ms. Moore's Home for Orphaned Girls. Good things had been said about it, but the building was pretty much a glorified dump.

She wasn't wearing her harlequin costume or makeup, and for good measure she wasn't speaking in her Brooklyn accent. She couldn't take any risks. Her daughter was coming home tonight, and if possible it would be peaceful. The Bat didn't need to be notified of her breaking into an orphanage mere hours after breaking out of Arkham Asylum. Harley checked in her purse for the paper. It was there.

Harley entered the orphanage, and a little bell overhead chimed. A woman with brown hair pulled into a bun and a kind smile came out to the entry room. "Hello! What can I do for you?" the woman asked, beaming.

"Are you Ms. Moore?" Harley asked with a small smile.

"Yes, of course I am!" Ms. Moore grinned, and Harley was confident her older daughter had been in good hands.

"I'm Harleen Quinzell. My daughter was brought here when she was born six months ago because I wasn't exactly sane at the time. But I've been through therapy since then, and was guaranteed sane earlier today." Harley brought out the paper forged by her friend Harvey Dent, better known as Two-Face, declaring she was sane, and handed it to Ms. Moore.

Ms. Moore read the paper over once, twice, three times. When Harley was about to lose her patience, Ms. Moore smiled at her. "All right, then, Ms. Quinzell. What's your daughter's name? I'll bring her right out."

"Jessica Theresa Nicholson." Harley replied. She had memorized the name Poison Ivy had told her the orphanage had given her older daughter long ago in preparation for this day.

Ms. Moore disappeared into another room and came back with a sleeping six-month-old baby cradled in her arms. Jess looked exactly like her mother had when she was a baby. Ms. Moore handed Jess to Harley, who cradled her daughter close and vowed to never let her go again.

She dared anyone to come anywhere near her baby again.

Now she just needed to find the other one.

*~End Book II~*

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