Giggles: A Batman Fanfiction {Book II in the Kids of Gotham Series}

Harley Quinn thought it was a digestive problem . . . until she realized she forgot to refill the pills. {Joker X Harley. Rated Y for suggested sex, mild language, and some violence}


1. Chapter One

The Joker woke up early one morning and felt the bed beside him for his lover, Harley Quinn. When he didn't feel her, it was a surprise but a relief. Normally, she was either still sleeping on the other side of the bed or clutching him annoyingly tight.

He sat up with a yawn and wondered where the kid was. He shrugged. It probably didn't matter. Did he fire her again last night? . . . No, he didn't think so. Oh well. If he had, she'd just come running back soon.

Meanwhile, Harley Quinn was out of her harlequin costume for once. Her blonde hair was pulled into messy pigtails, and she wore regular clothes. She probably would've fit in perfectly with the crowd if she wasn't taking two fully-grown hyenas, Bud and Lou, for a walk.

She wondered if being in public with the babies could get her sent to Arkham. Knowing Commissioner Gordon and the Batman, probably not, especially since B-man had been off his game for the last two years. Nowadays, he mostly just reacted if the police couldn't handle it themselves. Harley had thought nothing of it for the first few weeks, but now she wondered what was up. She thought Mistah J would be pleased by B-man's continued absence, but he'd gotten lazy if nothing else. What was that he'd said? Oh, right, "Without Batman, crime has no punchline." Always with the joke-themed jokes.

Harley's stomach had been bothering her for almost a month now. Food poisoning, maybe. It wasn't likely, but maybe she had an alcer. Definitely not that third option she'd mulled around in her head for a while. Actually, she didn't really want to think about it.

But once she thought about it, it was kind of possible. She'd forgotten to refill the pills and went one night without. Her period hadn't happened since May, and it was August now.

She shook her head. Better safe than sorry.

She stopped at the drug store and tied Bud and Lou to a street light.

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