Alone at home

Young girl Rosetta, cool funky and kind. Can she face the music that she will have to face???


3. The Dream

Yeah, so the dream I was talking about. I was walking down the road, minding my own business, when I saw this boy running across the road!! Suddenly I realised who it was. Niall Horan!!! A car was speeding towards him. I had to do something. I shouted 'STOP!' as loud as I could.

I was breathless as he turned around to see who had shouted at him. 'Abbey?' he asked. 'No, Rosetta,' I shouted back. ‘Oh, sorry, I thought you were… sorry, better be getting on my way now,’ Niall said. ‘WAIT!’ I shouted, ‘May I have your autograph?’ 'yeah.' He seemed unsure whether he should or not. he gave me it, anyway, and i asked him 'What were you doin' anyway?' Niall Horan replied by 'Comitting sucicide.' 'WHAT? What about your fans, i mean us? Why????' 


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