Take a walk on the wild side

12 and 14. It is the perfect relationship that has lasted 2 years so far. But Rebecca thinks it is all about to end when her perfect boy James walks in the room with a giant box on Christmas Day. But what will happen to this couple?


1. Perfect Christmas 🎄

Everyone dreams, right? Some more realistic than others. Some just absolutely unreal and out of this world. Girls dream about the perfect guy and perfect relationship. Guys dream about the sexiest girl and playing football for their favourite team. This is my life inside my head. My dream world.

It's Christmas Day. I've just woken up to the sound of Jingle Bells. I'm getting ready for church now. Like i always do on Christmas Day. Before I have been in the living room and seem my presents. I'm sitting wondering what surprises I will get later when opening the perfectly wrapped gifts. I'll be grateful whatever I get. What will James get? (He's my best friend and boyfriend). He is pure perfection in my eyes.

Arriving at church all i see is beauty. I suppose that's what happens when you're in love. Everything is happy and smiley. Then I saw a face i had longed to see all morning. That perfect James that had been my boyfriend for the last two years. He came running towards me, lifts me up off my feet pressing his lips against mine. It was a beautiful way to start my Christmas morning. Suddenly there is cheering all around. Wow. Everyone is watching me kiss my perfect guy. Although slightly embarrassing i am happy to show the world the most important boy in my life. I love him so much.

We're back at my house now. Me, my Mum, Dad, boyfriend, his sister (Sarah) and his Mum and Dad (Judith and David). It's present time now. And the best is always saved till last. So me and James wait a good few hours before we open our gifts. Then when the time finally comes. He leaves the room. With a confused with my boyfriend's Mum reminds me how much James loves me and that whatever he does is always something to do with me. So my smile quickly reappears at the same time my boyfriend does carrying the biggest box you could ever imagine.

There are thoughts all around me. Both inside me and from the peoples surrounding me on what this giant gift could be. I stand up laughing because I have no idea at all what is inside. James says; "Go on babe, open it and don't worry at what you see I will explain". Guess what? Now I am worrying. Is it a massive sign saying i am dumped? Is it a monster coming to kill me? Taking one step at a time i slowly walk towards the giant parcel with thought now racing round my head. They are starting to make me dizzy if i am honest.

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