The Hauting Begins

I just moved in to new house and finds out that it is haunted, and I am trying to reveal the mysteries of the Mary Blares death. I am only 12years old don't judge.


1. chapter 1.

this is my first attempt at writing a movella please don't judge




It had just turned 12:00 at night as I walked into my new house with relief I dropped the suitcase's and walked into the living room. There was blood everywhere!  I checked my body and was relieved to discover that it wasn’t my own blood although, in a way, that made things worse.  That meant the blood had not came form me so I looked around and saw that it had came from the cellar. I got a heavy blunt object. Startled I turned on the cellar light. I slowly turned the ancient rusty door handle. The door opened with a eerie creek. I slowly walked down the cellar steps. I suddenly tripped up over a loose nail in one of the steps. There hung in front of me was a little girl no older than 6, slowly swinging from a rope what had been hooked on to the roof by a small hook. I walked round the body with my hand covering my mouth. I herd a dripping noise gradually getting louder and louder as I walked round the corps. fresh blood was dripping from the little girls head. Suddenly the air got cold the corpse started to swing round and came to a sudden halt. The corpse was facing my direction I know something was wrong so I took a few spaces back.. As I took my third step back I stumble over a couple of boxes but my body was telling me to keep looking at the corpse. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move I did not want to look at it but I just could not help it I swiftly moved my head looking at the doll what fell. It would not of bothered me but then I realized the air was cold but not a single breeze. I was worried that now I knew that it was not the wind that knocked the doll over. I swiftly looked at the corpse again suddenly the corpses eye opened and the corps let an eerie laugh out. Its head done a slow 360 degree anti-clockwise turn. I dropped the object and screamed.  whilst continuing screaming I ran towards the door. I ran out the door and turned round the corpse was stood the looking at me when I realised it was not on the rope no more. I panicked and screamed the door slammed shut I turned ran towards the front door and she was stood there. It turned round and it spoke to me it said "I only want to play" I screamed in horror and ran out the house. the gate slammed shut before I got out I turned round and she was half way down the path. she looked up at me and said "do you want to play hide and seek you hide I'll seek..." suddenly she vanished into thin air. I thought it gave me chance to run but as I turned round she was stood there smiling singing I'm coming to get you" and suddenly went. I was not playing anymore games I went out the gate and ran I ran till my legs felt like sticks till my breathing was heavy till my arm were aching to the bone. Suddenly I found myself in a small street with a few rows of housed and a police department and a small corner shop. I ran to the department and  told the story. They both looked at each other and started to laugh heavily and told me to stop waiting there time. I tried to convince them but they just pushed me out the department and threatened to put me in a mental asylum if it was true. They shut the door and shouted "because everyone know ghosts or spirits are not real" I turned round and the girl said My name is Mary... Mary Blair and I told you I'm coming to get you" I swiftly turned round and banged on the door helplessly and desperately. They angrily opened the door and said "I told yo..." They were interrupted as Mary dragged me away as I was screaming and shouting for help whilst waving and kicking my arms and legs. The cops looked at each other terrified and ran over to me and got hold of my arms. They pulled me that hard it felt as though I was getting  torn apart. Mary said "it is not over yet I will still come for you when you least expect it maybe when your asleep maybe when your eating so beware and good luck coz you'll need it" She suddenly vanished into thin air. The cops were pulling that hard as soon as she went and let go of my legs me and the cops went flying into the wall of a church . They asked if I was okay and told me to come in to there office and tell me how the hunting began. I told them and I began from the start from the moment I walked into the house at 11:00. They were lost in there own minds where the story came to life. They said "okay well I'm officer Dixon and I'm officer miller and we will be taking over this case," The one on the left had pale skin his face I was wondering if he was possessed or if he was horrified by what he had just saw but now when I look back when I first came in the department his skin was pale then.  He never really had an expression and his he had deep brown eyes and his hair was brown slight curls at the front. His hair was sticking up at the front a bit and it was shaves at the sides. The one on the right had a tanned colour skin and brown hair what had been spiked up at the front with hair jell. He never really had a expression either. His eyes had a slight orange mixture to it although it was mostly brown. They got a priest and a ghost professional to come along and we went straight to my new house. We walked into the house and the blood stains were still there and still leading into the cellar. They opened the door but the body was still hung on the rope. One of them stayed up the cellar stairs and the other cop came down with me the ghost professionals came down whilst the priest stayed up the stairs. Me officer Dixon and the ghost pro's (Mike and Edward) went down to the bottom of the steps and that was when the doors slammed shut with incredible speed so there was no turning back now.  We carried on walking to the centre of the room and the corpse was stood there on a piece of rope. The cops said "is this the girl who is haunting you" I gave a slight nod me face was pale and then turned to a green colour Her name is Mary... Mary blare the only reason I know that is because she told me," I told them. Suddenly you herd multiple screams from behind the door. We all ran to the door and started to bang on it. Unexpectedly we herd a child's laughter and a number of foot steps running across the room into another. All of a sudden the lights went out and you could just make out what a couple of items like the rough outlines of a couple of boxes and the doll what had fell on the floor earlier. suddenly a deep whisper came from behind us saying "hey you want to play hide and clap" then a pair of pale hands covered with blood and scars appeared next to us and clapped. We all screamed and officer Dixon kicked the door open and saw the priest and officer miller on the floor up against the wall out cold. There was blood hand mark down there shirt and robes and have a busted lip and noes bleed and officer millers leg was broken.They  picked up miller  and was about to take him to the hospital until the lights went out and a black silhouette ran across the room whilst doing an eerie laugh. Officer Dixon ran to the lights and switched them on. The room lit up like a light-house and then we all set of to the hospital and dropped of miller. The nurse came running over because of how much pain he was in his eyes were blood shot red and his skin was no longer tanned now it was even more pail than officer Dixon's. The nurse rolled up his pants and looked at his leg look as if she was about to puke but I was wrong she fainted and landed on the floor with a loud crash following after. We all crowded over her. we looked at his leg it was horrible he must of fell when he was thrown across the room although that is what we thought happened. Anyway there was bits of loose flesh dangling of the wound there was loose bits of body tissues hanging out of the wound and the bits of broken bones were spilling out and the actual bone its self was broke.Officer Dixon covered his mouth and took a few paces back. Officer miller's eyes suddenly closed officer Dixon looked as if he was going to cry. He shouted and screamed over officer millers body crying out streams of water on to his T-shirt. He picked up his body and carried it over to a nurse whilst mike took the collapsed nurses body over to the same nurse. She ran over to the two men and told them to follow her. She took them into a room full of beds and sick people she went out of that door at the opposite side of the room leading to another room what was not being used.So she told officer Dixon to put the body on the bed whilst she checked his pulls. She said in a relived voice "he has got a pulls but it is very faint and he might not make it through the remainder of his life because of the amount of blood loss" she sighed and got another bed. She told the mike to put the nurse on the bed. She dabbed a cold damp cloth with something wrapped up in the bottom of it on her fore head. She woke up in no time and got back to work. Officer Miller lay of the bed whilst his dangled of the bed, His body looked lifeless and he looked pale. Officer Dixon garbed his hand softly and pressed it against his chest then his mouth and then his forehead. Streams of tears were still coming from his eyes and his lips were trembling with sadness. He put his hand back on the bed and sat by his side.

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