Bucket List

Melody Jackson plans on spending her summer with Julian Tomlinson, the boy she's loved forever. She makes a bucket list of all the things they're going to do for six weeks, and can only hope it ends in romance.

Inspiration and quotations from Carol Anne Duffy's 'Hour'.


1. Prologue

Glazing colour of vibrancy and life shone towards me in waves of floating happiness. The dark night brought so much more in the morning than I could’ve anticipated, and I will the heat to stay with me over these upcoming six weeks. The first day, what to make of it other than bliss.

   I reach out for my drink and take a sip, feeling the cool trickle down my throat. Summer couldn’t have arrived at a better time, and I was going to use every second to its best.

   Dark stubble, even tan, freckles dusting the tops of his ears; that was my plan.

   And there, to my left, was he.

   One leg placed delicately over the other, fingers linked tightly over his stomach, slightly upturned smile, eyes closed. His positions were enticing, the way he moved made people stare, girls from the other side of the beach would watch the rhythm of his breathing as a gentle but over powering hypnosis.

   And now, resting in the dust of a grass ditch I seem to know better than myself, I smile.

   My bucket list for summer.

   Let’s make this a long one, as my tongue pokes through my lips, as my pen scribbles against crumpling paper. And there, I wrote it all.

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