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It's something about the bad boys, that makes the good girls fall in love ~

Sierra Springs, eighteen years old, good girl, college girl.

Harry Styles, twenty years old, bad boy, college boy.

I belive in love at the first sight. I'll make sure you do when you have readed this story.


1. Mistakes

"Goodmorning ms. Sierra. You have too wake up. School starts in twenty minutes." Our maid said.

"WHAT? Oh, thank you Elisabeth. I'll get up." I said. I checked the chair by my bed's side and saw clothes. At the first day's in school my mum always pick clothes for me. She wants me to be perfect, make a good first impression. So I'm new in town. We just moved here becuse I am going to college. (I don't really now how to spell college, no judge) My mum has many rules for me about boys.

• No touching.

• No kisses, just on the cheek.

• Only boys with good grades and rich familys, as mine.

• NEVER a bad boy.

• Never sleep over.

• Never go to a party with them.

And so on. My mum is very strict, all my life I've been good but now I feel like what? I want to be like the others, becuse NO ONE at my schools has been a goodie goodie, so I've been bullied.

I changed to the clothes my mum had choosed; A flower dress, jeans jacket, balletshoes, and a hair thing. Then I put on just liiittle make up, and putted the other makeup in my bag. When I arrive to the school I'm going to put on some more.

I ate breakfast and then checked the clock. WHAT? Five minutes 'til first lesson! This is no good. I jumped in my white car and drived to the school. Shit, the lesson has started. I ran into the corridor. It was empty, exept a bad boy and girl gang who stood and smoked at there lockers. I ran so fast I dropped my books, right in front of them. Good move Sierra. A boy picked them up for me.

"Thanks." I mumbled and stared him in the eyes. They were so green, It was like magic.

"No problem." He mumbled while he stared at me. Then I ran away to my first class.

"Ms. Springs, you're late." The teacher said.

"Yeah, I know. And I'm really sorry." The class laughed. I stared in the floor and sat at a table.

When lunch came I had one friend. Brianna Golden was her name, she wasn't popular. But not bullied either. Me and Brianna sat down at a table with our food, it was pasta carbonara. In the table in front of us I saw the guy who picked up my books earlier. He was cute, but I couldn't like him. Mum's rules.

Next class was english. I sat down at a table, next to Brianna.

"Good afternoon class."

"Good afternoon Mr. Thomson."

"Today we're going to make a project. Two and two together." People started to pair up.

"No, you're going to be with strangers. Two and two together you are going to do a thing, I call 'Mission Feelings'. Yes, yes. I know, sassy name. The project works out this way. Sierra, Brianna come here."

"You are now completely starngers. You are going to live with eachother for a week." The class moaned. "I know, it's terrible isn't it? Well, after that, you are going to see what happened between you. What kind of feelings you've got to eachother. Love, besties, hate." He said with a glad tone. "Well let's put out some pairs. McClain, Brianna. Anderson and Josie. Olivers and Jamie. Lincoln and Liz. Brad and Sandy. Styles and Sierra. Come on class. You can go early." He said. "Oh! And just for you to know; I've got your parents commision." He smiled.

It was no one left in classroom, no Styles in here.

"Um, excuse me Mr. Thomson. There's no Styles in here?" I asked.

"Oh, Sierra. Welcome to the class. Harry Styles is a famous badboy together with his gang. He's not used to be in classes, no worries. He knows about this and he's probably waiting for you at his car right now. Black Mercedés Benz." He smiled and walked away.

I walked put to tha parking lot and spotted a guy with a black Mercedés Benz. Oh god, it was the cute guy who helped me with the books.

"Hey, are you Sierra?" He asked.

"Yes, you are Harry. Right?"

"Yep. So do you want me to drive you home so you can pick up your clothes?" He asked.

"No, I've got my own car. But thanks. Can I have your adress?" I asked and smiled.

"Yeah, I'll text you it." He said and I putted in my contact in his phone.

"Okey, see you at six?" I asked.

"Yep." He said with a smile and I drived home.

I had packed my finest clothes. Everything black I could find I packed. He didn't seem like the person wanting to have so much flowers in his home. I checked the clock. It was half past five. I packed my things in to my car and drived to his place.

I knocked the door saying 'Styles'. Harry opened it with a smile.

"Hey girl." He said.

"Hey on you to, boy" i said sarcastly.

"Well come on in. Make yourself at home!" I got in and gazed the room. Modern and fresh.

"I'll show you your room. C'mon!" He said and walked up the stairs. I followed.

"Here it is; I just have one bedroom in this flat so I'll sleep at the couch." He said.

"No! No, no, I wilm sleep at the couch, you'll sleep at your bed. I don't want to distrub."

"No, I usually sleep at the couch. It happens often so I'm used to it. Please, dinner is ready." He said and we headed down stairs.

We both laughed. We sat in the couch and watched a movie with ice cream.

"Ouch. It's just one ice cream left. Who will have it?" I said.

"We can always share." Harry laughed and got two spoons. "come on. Move closer." I said. Harry moved closer and I held up the ice cream so he could reach it.

The clock was at midnight when Harry and I went out for a walk.

"The stars are so beautiful." I said.

"So are you." Harry said and I satred at him.

"Oops... Did I say that loud?" Harry said and I chuckled. I chosed to have revenge so I wanted to prank him.

"OH! Harry! Watch out!" I yelled and Harry jumped forwards, in my direction, what was causing me to fall. I landed with him on top of me.

"Hello there." I said and he chuckled. He licked himself on his lips.

"Harry." I said and he leaned forward.

"Harr- what the hell. I just want to kiss you so hard." I said and leaned forward causing his lips bump into mine. His lips was so soft, massaging mine.

"Oh. I'm sorry. I thaught you were someone else." Harry said.

"Oh, so you didn't want to kiss me?"

"Ew, no. We have known eachother for one single day."

"I hate you." Was the last thing I said before I falled in to sleep.

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