Mr.Badboy took my life

Siena Lively has for as long as she can remember always had a really fierce and honest personality, which could cause her trouble sometimes especially with a certain badboy that she absolutely hates, Cade Ashton. The schools badboy, but to her, he is the schools player and slut. One day she makes a huge mistake which makes her involved with him for the rest of her senior year. Or even longer, Great!

Will she come to like him or will she continue to hate him?


1. The Mistake

I woke up with a jolt, all sweaty and hyperventilating. I looked to my right to check what time it was. “Oh shit.” I said when I realized that the clock only were 4 am. I laid back down in the bed and tried to fall asleep but it was impossible. I let out a long sigh as I brushed my fingers through my brown wavy hair as I started to pull myself up from bed. I sat on the bed’s edge for quite some time and day dreamed about food. Yes, I love food so. Judge me if you want, I bet you love food too.

When I finally contained myself I stood up and walked over to my closet, I pulled open the door and started to look at myself in the mirror on the inside of the door. I saw a 1.60cm slim body, blue eyes, A-cup breast and kind of curvy hips. I wasn’t really displeased with my body but I didn’t necessary love it. I was okay with the way I looked and that was enough for me.

I started to pull out some clothes to wear and chose to go with a regular slim long sleeved shirt and a pair of black tight jeans. I decided to flat iron my hair a bit so it wasn’t as wavy as it was now. As I waited for the iron to heat up I grabbed my makeup bag and walked over to the mirror. I wasn’t the type to use a lot of make-up, I only use some foundation to cover up my dark circles and that my skin tone was uneven. And then I apply some mascara and finished!

When I was finished I noticed that my flattening iron was heated up and ready to go, I started to pull the iron through my hair, I wasn’t really careful if all the hair didn’t become flat, I just didn’t want to have a bush for hair to school.

I ran down to the kitchen all ready to go when I saw that the clock were only 6.30 and I started 8 sharp. I sighed and went to make myself some breakfast. I grabbed the butter, cheese and bread and started to make my sandwiches. I heard someone go to the bathroom on the floor upstairs and figured either my mom or brother was awake.

Once I was finished with my sandwich making I grabbed them and walked over to the couch and turned on the TV. I sat there for about an hour before I saw that I had to get going, I walked to the sink and put my dishes there as I heard footsteps in the stairs. I turned around and saw my mom and brother coming down.

“Good morning Siena love” My mom said as she walked over to give me a peck on the cheek. “Good morning bush” My annoying brother who goes by the name of Victor but I call him “Vicky, Always a pleasure” I said as I started to pull my shoes on. My brother was three years older than me but sometimes I think I’m older than him, judging by the way he behaves. “I’m going to school now! I’ll be home right after, Bye I love you!” I yelled as I slammed the door and walked to my car.

My precious silver blue car, oh how I love you. 

I absolutely loved my car, I got it from my father before he disappeared, and no he did not abandon us. One day he just wasn’t there any longer. We think he were kidnapped but we don’t know… I mean why would he abandon us? Why would he just leave without saying a word? My dad was that kind of guy that would be 110% honest on everything. If he didn’t like anything he would say it, if he felt uncomfortable with anything, he would say it. I believe that we will find him some day.

When I arrived at school I parked the car at my usual spot and walked over to my best friend Ailey who just got out of her car. “Aileey babe!” I yelled as I ran over to her. She looked up and smiled, “Sienaaaa darling!” She yelled and ran over to hug me. We stood there and laughed for minutes. Ailey was my non-blood related twin. We were exactly like each other, we had the same lame humor, we are born the same month and we are equally awesome. We had everything alike except for our hair, she had long flat purple hair (for the moment she likes to change color) that went below her bum and I had wavy curly bush hair that went below my chest.

“I’ve missed youuuu!” she said as we started to walk to our class. “Honey it have been 1 day since we last saw each other” I giggled. “I know, but we’re twins. Twins miss their other half all the time!” She whined. “Okay true, I missed you too” I said and gave her a peck on the cheek. As we were walking, I walked into something. “I’m sorry. You came out of nowhere.” I apologized to the person I had walked into. Or I think it was a person….

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