Mr.Badboy took my life

Siena Lively has for as long as she can remember always had a really fierce and honest personality, which could cause her trouble sometimes especially with a certain badboy that she absolutely hates, Cade Ashton. The schools badboy, but to her, he is the schools player and slut. One day she makes a huge mistake which makes her involved with him for the rest of her senior year. Or even longer, Great!

Will she come to like him or will she continue to hate him?


4. The Argument

Recap ~

. “Get the fuck up, you are going to be here in front of the school in less than an hour.” The person said and hung up. That’s when I knew who it was. Cade.


I didn’t bother getting ready quickly since I absolutely had no interest in what he wanted or not. I took my time which was about 3 hours. I slowly and carefully picked out my clothes which was a top tank with the word OBEY on it, a pair of black jeans and a green jacket and got dressed, than I combed my curly, wavy hair and put it up into a messy bun, then I went down and made myself some breakfast. I had two sandwiches and a bowl of cereals, after that I heard my phone calling but I didn’t bother and carried on my walking in the living room.

After my attempt of dragging out the time as long as I could before school started, I went out to my car and went to school. The drive there went by pretty fast and I saw that Ailey had already arrived. I got out of the car, grabbed my bag and walked toward the door.

“SIENA!” I heard an angry voice scream after me. I giggled and continued to walk to the door. “SIENA STOP NOW WHILE I’M FAIRLY CALM!” Poor Cade yelled again. I didn’t stop, just carried on through the door and to my locker.

 I stood by my locker when I felt someone yank me away and pushed me up against the lockers. “Siena. You are messing with the wrong person.” Cade said as he stared into my eyes with his black eyes. “Oh but you see, I don’t think I’m the one messing with the wrong person. You are.” I smiled and pushed away his hands from my shoulders.

“I called you 3 hours ago and told you to be here in 1 hour. How long did you take? Oh 3 fucking hours to get fucking ready.” He yelled. Everyone around us stopped what they were doing and stared at us instead. “Well, I did that on purpose. I don’t actually care what the fuck you need or want from me.” I spat out angry and took a step toward him. “I apologized for your bike and that should be it.” I continued.

I couldn’t read his facial expression and I had no idea where all this courage came from. I know I was an honest and fierce person but if there was one person I was scared off yet couldn’t care less about it was Cade.

“Oh no, dear Siena. That’s not it. You are going to pay. Come with me.” He said and grabbed my arm and dragged me down the hall causing everything and everyone to look at us. I could feel my face turning red and warm.  “Let me go Cade!” I yelled as I tried to pull my hand out of his hand. “You are hurting me.” I said hoping he would let me go and say sorry but he didn’t. He pulled me into the restricted part of the school which no one was using and that’s when I started to get scared for real.

“Please Cade, let me go.” I begged but it was like he didn’t hear me. He stopped infront of a classroom and opened it and brought me inside. He let me go and stood in front of the only door so I couldn’t flee. “No, now teach me biology, that’s one of the classes I didn’t pass.” He said calmly as he smiled a what I think was a genuine smile and sat down on a chair. I blinked a couple of times and then joined him. I can’t believe I’m doing this but he looked so helpless.

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