Sage was an ordanary girl. Her parents were normal, her life was normal. Until one fatefull day. Sage and her parents et in a fight Sage runs to her bedroom in the attick of their 3 storie house, opens the window and...


2. Worthless

            Sage felt horrible her mother and father hadnt talked to her since the fight and it had been 2 days. Sage had enough she desided she had to find a way to get her mothers attention. She decided it was time to leave she grabbed her bag and stepped out her window reaching for the ladder but it wasn't there. It was like time slowed down she fell to the 2nd storie and suddenly stopped. She was suspended in mid-air 50 ft from the ground. Thoughts raced through her head. What? How? When? Why? She slowly started to desend towards the ground. She heard her parents run upstairs to her room. Her father was on the phone. "911 what is the adress of the emergancy?" the operator said "Hello, um you may not beleive this at fisrt but i would like to report a flying girl!" My father replied  "Sir, I know this is a prank I will follow protical and send one officer. Have a nice day."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     My mother stuck her head out the window and yelled "Run, if they find you they will kill you... I love you honey!" 

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