Sage was an ordanary girl. Her parents were normal, her life was normal. Until one fatefull day. Sage and her parents et in a fight Sage runs to her bedroom in the attick of their 3 storie house, opens the window and...


1. Prologue

"What a Superman... Superman!" said Lois Lane.

Sage was watching her favorite movie, Superman, in the living room while her mother was baking a fresh batch of double-chocolate chip cookies. Ding! The oven opened and a strong scent drew my father to the kitchen.

“What are you cooking?” I asked.

“What does it smell like?” My mother replied enthusiastically.

“Would you mind if I had a bite?” I asked.

“Sure, why not!” my mother smiled with gratitude.

She handed me a napkin with a hot and gooey double chocolate chip cookie. I took a bite into the cookie and a burst of flavor rushed through my mouth. I immediately ran to the kitchen to grab more, but my mother stopped me insisting that I wait until I eat dinner. I walked back to the living room grumpily.

Moments later a fight broke out of no where between my mother and my father. My mother claimed that my father had not cleaned the bathroom after she asked him twenty-seven times. My father claimed that he had not heard her and was sorry. Sorry was not good enough for my mother, if someone did something wrong, then she would do something about. 'I love my mother'. Two minutes later my father blamed it on me! Can you believe it? Me?

'What have I done?' I thought to myself!

Then my mother took my father's side! I thought that she was mad at him!? Now she's mad at me? She told me to go to my room because she just can't even look at me. I angrily stomped up the stairs to my room. As I sat in my room I pondered about why my parents hated me. Then I decided... it's time. It was time that I just went. I was sick and tired of my parents telling me what I have to do and blaming things on me that I had nothing to do with! So I decided to run! Instead of going out of the front door where they can obviously see me, I will climb out the window and go down the ladder that my father left from doing construction on the house.


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