Sage was an ordanary girl. Her parents were normal, her life was normal. Until one fatefull day. Sage and her parents et in a fight Sage runs to her bedroom in the attick of their 3 storie house, opens the window and...


4. House in the Middle of the Woods

After her hours of shopping, she flew to a place where no one would find her... the woods. Night time came, and she had no place to sleep. She walked in the dark shadows of the misty mountains surrounding her. She heard a crack and a snap coming from a twig she had stepped on "Ahh!" it startled her. As she walked the smell bacon and pancakes got stronger and stronger. Her starvation took over she followed the smell. She saw a cabin in the distance. Sage ran to the cabin not even stoping to think of the dangers that could be inside. When she arived at the cabin she knocked on the door. She heard something fall and than a scream. She waited a few monents and a woman who looked to be 30 or so awnsered the door. I wonder what I look like? thought Sage after seeing the womans reaction. The snow was whriling around sage she was wrapped in a chocolate brown blanket. "OH, Honey come in side darling!" The woman stepped aside to let her in. Sage stepped inside, the woman lead Sage to the couch. Sage sat down warming herself by the fire. "I'm Sage." The woman looked shocked. "Diana, Sage darling I want to show you something." Diana stood and Sage followed her to the library, Diana got a book titled "Olimpus and the Lost Soul" She handed Sage the book. She opened it and started to read it outloud.

Olimpus never chalanged the strongest city.

In the beggining the was a loss, a great loss.

Gods were lost.

At that point Sage looked up at Diana. "Before I finish this I need to show you something. Sage slowly started to hover above the ground. "It's her!" Diana exclaimed. "Who?" Sage asked. "Olimpus most people say is a myth... It's not... Sage... you are a Demigod." Sage got this 'Whatever' look on her face " You expect me to beleive that." she said. "Sage come with me." Diana said as she held out her hand. Sage took her hand Diana walked her outside. It was still snowing the wind got stronger until it formed a snow tornado, Sage closed her eyes. The snow suddenly stopped Sage opened her eyes. Diana had her hand held in front of her. Four armed beasts were rushing towards them. Men and women faught the Eight foot tall monsters. Diana yelled " Jupitor, I found Vendra!" The man she had dyrected her yell to was fighting three of the beasts. "Take her to earth come back alone get the flame I dont know how much longer we can hold them off." he yelled back in a grunt. The tornado formed again and we were back on Earth. Sages jaw dropped and stayed that way until Diana closed her mouth for her. "I'll explain lets go inside." They walked inside.


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