Shattered (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Francesca is Harry's number one fan. Being a host of his own show, he's got all the charms and smiles, and it seems Francesca has fallen completely under his spell. But what lies behind those smiles and cheesy quotes of some random movies, is a dark trait that has been covered up behind those seemingly innocent emerald eyes. Can Francesca be strong enough or will her knees buckle up and make her leave Harry's life -- for good?


2. Shattered II

Chapter 2:


It's now Monday and i'm just walking home from school. After the band practice, I don't think I can be capable of doing anything at all except get up to my room, undress and sleep through dinner.

I walk up the walkway and put my hand over the doorknob but something shiny caught my eye. I turn to my right and saw an unfamiliar Volkswagen Beetle on the driveway next to my family van. Someone is visiting us.

I turn the doorknob and went inside to see Mom and two other people laughing at the living room. My breath hitched in my throat as their faces turned towards me.




Harry's P.O.V:


I smiled as I looked around the set. From Jennifer to the audience. I love being a show host. I'm also an actor. But really, singing is my secret passion. Ever since I was a kid. I'd volunteer to be in the school's choir.

My eyes landed on a girl with dyed dark green hair, eyes that seem so grey and a lip piercing on the corner of her lip. Oh wow, it's..

Cessa Jacobsen.

She used to have brown hair that falls just below her waist.

My old playmate friend that I hadn't thought about for years until now.




That night I couldn't stop thinking about her. Even during dinner when I would have usually focused on wolfing down the food cooked by Mom. "Hey, Harry? Is there something wrong?" she asked as she sits down across from me.

"Hey Mom, when was the last time the Angelos and us had a gathering? Well, i mean with that girl Francesca along?" I asked directly. I have my own show for a reason. And that is, that I don't cover up what's on my mind. Sometimes it's a blessing, sometimes it's a curse. Right now, it's a curse.

Mom smiles as she starts to take a spoonful of salad. I wait for her answer as she chews down the celery and swallows it. "Well, many years ago when you were five. Why do you ask?" 

"Do you think we can go visit them on Monday?" I asked. Mom's eyes darted up towards me with suspicion. I cleared my throat. "I mean, i'd really like to reunite with Mrs Angelo again. I like talking to her. She's like the aunt i never had." I reasoned.

But, knowing Mom, she found a loophole in my seemingly valid reason. "But you just met her a few days ago." She said incredulously. "Please Mom? I have some things to talk to Mrs. Fulvia that I didn't get to talk about during her last visit. It's about my college and stuff." I lied smoothly.

The college topic would always cheer Mom up since she thinks i'm still young and my show career is short-term depending on my popularity and stuff and i'm going to put this reason to good use.

I can't ever feel good about lying to my Mom. But this is critical. I'd like to get little Cessa in my list of girls i've had. I smirked but quickly wiped it away when Mom clears her throat.

She crosses her arms and gave me a suspicious look. I finish up the last of my food and stand up. I get around the table to her and kissed her cheek. "Love you Mom. Goodnight." I mumbled quickly as I get into the kitchen, wash the dishes as quickly as one washing the dirtiest dishes could and ran up the stairs three at a time.

I stop at the top of the stairs and peeked down to see my Mom talking on the phone. 

"Sure that'll be okay, Fulvia?......Okay we'll see you Monday then..... Sure, thank you Fulvia. See you soon." she hung up and looked up the stairs. I quickly hide before she could spot me and ran into my room as quietly as I could. 

Everything is going as planned. 



On the day of the visit to the Angelos and my possible girl that holds the number that would break the record holder  for my Most-Girls-That-I-Have-Ever-Had collection, we are already on the driveway of the Angelos.

Fulvia is already on the porch with a big smile across her face. She's wearing a long summer dress and she looks beautiful as always. I couldn't help but be happy to see her -- and also feel very guilty for the reason i was even here in the first place.

"Anne!" she greets my Mom and embraced her. They have been best friends since college and have always done everything together ever since then. 

"Edward!" she greets me and tiptoed to kiss me on the forehead. I bent a little for the record okay. I'm not that evil. 

"It's Harry-" i started. "Hush hush, Edward. Come on in!" she said. I laughed and shook my head. She can be so stubborn sometimes. 



We were doing fine in the living room and just talking for a few minutes. "So Harry. Let's talk about "college and where you're planning to go"." she smiles though fake. I could almost put the punctuation in the sentence "college and where you're planning to go". Mom smiles more widely; fooled by Fulvia's act.

"Well, maybe to Oxford but that's too ambitious since i haven't got a good result for my college acceptance exam. So maybe i'm just going to get into a local college where I could be close to my Mom." I said smoothly. I have been so good at lying lately, i'm hoping it won't slip away through a loophole.

"I'm so proud of you Harry." Mom gushed and hugged me sideways. Fulvia's eyes are already getting suspicious. She knows when I lie and when I tell the truth. And my smoothness in lying is wavering under her gaze right now.

Fortunately, before I can get any more guilty, the front door opened.



Francesca's P.O.V:


"But I want to sleep. I'm tired Mom." I whispered to my Mom in my room after greeting the Styles. "That won't be polite. Whether you like it or not, get showered, get dressed and help me set up dinner." she stated. I could see fury in her aging eyes and I would really not want to push it any further. 

So I surrendered. "Okay fine." I said. She nods and left the room. I plopped down on the bed on my stomach and groaned. 

"Oh I love you so much, Mr.Bed. I'd really like to stay on you for longer but my Mom wants me downstairs because clearly she couldn't see how tired I am after a freaking long day." I said; my voice muffled on the comforter.

I felt someone plop down on the bed next to me. "Mom, i'll-" I started but a voice interrupted.

"It's not Mom, Cessa." someone croons. I gasped and jumped up from the bed. Harry freaking Styles smiled at me mischievously. Oh my God what the hell is he doing in my room and not downstairs?

"Hi Cessa. I still remember the time we sat together in the bus to the choir competitions. And it's really nice to get to meet you again." he said and held out a hand; smiling widely. 

"Why the hell did you not knock before entering my room when i was in my most disturbing position?" I answered in return. Wow Cessa. You get to meet the person you've been dying to meet and this is how you greet him?

He pouts and his green eyes glimmer as he puts his hand down. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to surprise you. Guess all it did was anger you." he looked down like a sad little puppy. I rolled my eyes. God damn it, Harry. Mom was right when she said he was cheeky and knows just what to say.

"Ugh. Okay, i'm not mad. I'm just shocked okay? I mean I was comfortably cuddling with my bed when a boy barged into my room and left me shocked." I fiddled with the hem of my t-shirt, suddenly getting so self-conscious and nervous now that i've fully registered the fact that Harry's here. After all these years.

"I'm sorry I made you shocked." he said. 

Then after that it was all silence between us. After what felt like an eternity, I cleared my throat. Harry jumped off the bed as if he's just remembered he was in my room, on my bed. He isn't supposed to be here even.

"Well, uh, see you downstairs then." he said and gave me a quick smile before running out the room. I stared at the part of the bed he had been on and plopped down on it. I grabbed a pillow and shrieked but all that came out is a squeak.

I am so done.




After i showered, I get into my simple white knee-length sundress and put my hair up in a loose bun.

I ran downstairs and peeked around to see Mom and Mrs. Styles laughing as they cook. "Hey Mom, sorry i'm late." I say and gave her a kiss on the cheek and a friendly hug to Mrs.Styles.

"Come on and help us get ready for dinner." Mom said. I helped around the kitchen and did what was needed. After  an hour, the deer meat tenderloin with herb seasonings is done. I picked up the plate with the tenderloin and went out of the kitchen to serve it on the table.

I turned and started to go back into the kitchen when I heard them talking about Harry. 

"Honestly, Anne. I have no idea what you were talking about when you said Harry wanted to talk about college. He's never talk to me about college on my last visit to yours."

"I knew it. Then there must be another reason for him to just suddenly suggest our visit here. I mean, nothing personal, Via. But I don't really want to visit you. I was afraid of being a burden."

"You're not and won't ever be a burden." 

Then there was silence. I started to get in but stopped when I hear a whisper.

"I don't know why but I think it's because of Francesca." 

My mouth dropped and my heart raced. Because of me?



I am back in the kitchen. Mom was suspicious on why I had taken so long to get back into the kitchen. "Some of the sauce spilled so I had to clean it up." I'd say.

We're putting the plates and getting the drinks out on the dinner table. I started to get worried whether Harry is going to sit with me or not. I mentally slapped myself. That's such a silly thing to worry about. I do not want to look so desperate and goo goo over him.

"Okay. Everything's ready. Now, where's Harry?" Mom asked as she looked around to find Harry. "Oh, he's probably out back smoking again. That smoke habit of his is getting out of hand. Cessa, will you be a darling and go tell him that dinner's ready?" Anne asked.

"Yeah sure, i guess." I said. I went out of the house through the back door and found Harry leaning on his elbows on the back porch fence. I watched him take a long drag from the cigarette.

I walked up to him and take the cigarette from his hand. "Smoking's not good for you." I said and took a quick drag from the cigarette as I leaned on the fence and stared straight ahead. "But you're-" he started. 

"Hush hush, have you ever heard of hypocrisy and irony?"

I don't wait for his answer. "Yeah people tend to tell you that something's bad for you and crap. But let me say one thing, if you're planning on killing me when you're smoking near me, I might as well do it myself." I take one last drag and throw it to the ground. 

I walked to the back door and turned to face him with a serious look.

"You've gotten enough drags out of that cigarette. Come on. Dinner's ready." I smiled. Harry combed his hair and smirks. 

"Now I remember why we were such good playmates." 






We were playing baseball in the backyard of Harry's house."I'm going to throw now!" Harry yelled. I get in my position and as the ball flew towards me, I hit it. But it's not hard enough.

And I know what happens when I don't hit hard enough. Harry would get annoyed.

"You're such a girl! Hit like a man!" he yells when he came back with the ball.

I frowned. I hate the way he motivates me. I am a girl god damn it Harry. 

When the next ball came flying, I hit it with all my might. Our breaths hitched when we saw where it was heading. 

CRASH! We gasped in unison. I hear some footsteps coming from the kitchen and someone muttering angrily. "My Mom's coming. Come on, let's hide!" I said and we held hands as we run quickly to the front door. When we get into the house, we could see my Mom looking for us at the back porch. 

"Quick." I whispered. We ran upstairs and dashed into my room. The first thing we saw when we got inside was the place we hid in. 

My closet. We closed the closet door once we have climbed inside. "Shh." I whispered. Harry's green eyes gleamed with fear. He was close to crying even. 

"Are you crying?" I whispered; amused. "And you tell me to be a man." I teased. Harry kept quiet and hugged his legs to his chest. 

"I'm sorry." I whispered. I took his hand and smiled. "Everything will be okay." I whispered. I don't know what I meant by everything. But I didn't think much about it because I was holding hands with my childhood crush in a closet as big as two chairs put together.















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