Dear Dad

Harry Styles died in a car crash at the age of 30, leaving his wife and daughter, Darcy.
What follows is her diary.


10. Epilogue

Darcy Warnett, formally known as Darcy Styles, has checked into rehabilitation over night after an attempted suicide attempt at 2:46 am. The 26-year-old reportedly tried to down six packets of Ibuprofen and two and a half bottles of whiskey. Liam Payne, ex-One Direction star, found Darcy in her bed, unmoving. 

"I tried to make her wake up, but she didn't," Liam says. "Then I stuck my fingers down her throat to make her throw up."

Luckily, the Ibuprofen was half-strength and didn't work as well as full-strength. Today marks the 17th anniversary of her father's death. Darcy moved in with Liam after a tragic accident accident that claimed her partner's life. Next to her bed, Darcy left piles of letter's, all addressed to Harry Styles. Friend's claim that Darcy had an ongoing problem with her mental health and every year, wrote letters to her father, and sometimes to Patrick Warnett. 

Fan's of One Direction have showed Darcy their support, by drawing large butterflies onto themselves, some even getting it tattooed on their bodies, after Harry's infamous butterfly tattoo. 

Darcy's therapist, Miss. Lawson released this statement early this morning. "Darcy appreciates the love an support her father's fans have given her."

The intent of the suicide is still not known, although some witnesses claim it was all too much for her, that she had to live with the idea of her mother, father and husband are all gone. 

We send our love to Darcy and all of the boys of One Direction, who has treated her like their own. 

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