Dear Dad

Harry Styles died in a car crash at the age of 30, leaving his wife and daughter, Darcy.
What follows is her diary.


7. 21 Years Old.

July 26th.

Dear Dad, 

I wish you could be here right now, Dad. Both you and Mom. It's my wedding day. It's super early, like 5am. I don't care though, I just really wanted to write you guys. Patrick proposed last year. He took me to Big Ben the day after my very last dance performance, and said this very, very long speech about how he loved me, and how happy I made him and how he wanted to spend forever with me. I cried, a lot. He got down on one knee after that and then asked me to marry him. And then after I said yes he said, "I really wish I could have asked for your Dad's blessing." Dad, I know you would have loved him as much as I do, and he is the most considerate person I have ever met. I guess you would have as well. We wanted to do it today, just for you, Dad.

Everyone is here. They all flew into London to watch me get married. Even Louis, who only just got out of hospital. I asked all of the boys to walk me down the isle, just like you would have. I couldn't choose between them all. Even though I never really got to see Louis and Zayn very much, they are still family, and I wanted them all to help out. Gosh, I'm tearing up.

I'm wearing this dress that poofs out heaps, and the skirt is all satin and lace. The bodice is all lace, which is kind of see through, but not really. It's conservative enough. I'm wearing your head piece, Mom. It goes nicely with my dress. And oh, you should see the shoes. They're white high heels, with a red bottom. They're so beautiful.

I sometimes liked to imagine what you two would wear to my wedding. When I was little, Dad, you were wearing all black, except for the white square in your jacket pocket. But as I grew up, I wanted you to wear a grey suit with a red tie. Everyone said you looked nice in red. Mom, in my mind you would have always worn that bright orange dress you wore when we took a trip to Disneyland when I was eight. You two would have looked beautiful. You still do. 

Patrick told me he was going to send a gift to my room this morning. Perrie said it had something to do with you two. He's such a cheesy guy, Mom. If he wants to say 'I love you' to me one day, I bet he would hire a plane to write it in the sky, and buy dozens of roses, and have a massive cake with my face on it. He's the most amazing guy. 

Okay, Daria is here to help me get ready. 

I love you all, so much. I won't ever stop loving you, Dad, do forget it.

Love Always,

Darcy Styles

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