My SuperHuman

When a normal town girl, gets a new kid in her
class she can't stop thinking of him. How
will she go? Keep reading to find out!


1. The Light

"Muuum Please" I moan. "Oh, come on Ellie, darling, please not today!". My mum was trying to get me out of bed. Good luck with that, I'm NOT going to school. 


*5 minutes later*


Im out of bed and all I can think is happy now you've ruined my fun! But eventually I'm out of bed cause I have to go to School. At least I can meet my best friend there 'McKenna' she's awesome. Whenever I had a major problem shed try to fix it and I'd do the same for her. We are like sisters. Suddenly I get a text from her it reads: hey gurl, I managed to sneak my phone in. You need to come QUICK.

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