Hidden Shadows (a second book of The Gem Uncovered)

Two young boys have two deadly secrets which could change their entire life. come and join their journey in the victorian era.


1. frater

He stared down at his and his friends enlaced fingers, the boys fingers were stark pale even compared to himself who was often asked of his well being due to it.

This afternoon would make it the seventh day of spending his hours next to his friend’s hospital bed, but sadly the boy wouldn’t be staying there much longer, he felt at his pockets with his free hand and with no surprise found they were completely empty. The room almost felt like a second home, the cracked brick in the left back hand corner, a tear  in the sun bleached curtain, everything was something ever bedded in his memory.

He looked down at his sleeping friend, this is the worse he had ever been, his raven black hair made his skin look as thin and white as paper. But he couldn’t think of that now he had to think of a way to find money for the private room at the hospital, which always was costly more than the public, but they decided on this due to his friend’s secret.


“Master Malroy, what are you still doing here?”, the nurse peeked her head from around the corner, “Also I must inform you that visiting hours are over”

“But I am this man’s brother do I not have the right to stay!”

“Please Mr. Malroy, we all know you are not his brother, now will you leave or do I have to call for force?” she smiled, she always took pleasure in annoying this boy.


“Please do not address me by my Christian name Sir, if you must call me anything it would have to be Mrs. Goodwin” sometimes she was shocked by his informality.

He turned in defeat and took his top hat and in one twirling motion put on his coat, “Good day to you then”

“It’s dusk Sir”

She walked forward lifting her skirts to make sure they wouldn’t be trapped in the soon to be slammed door. But stayed near the wall to hear any results of his tantrum, alas she only heard some words of profanity that should never be said in front of a lady. Cristina was to be taken out of her smug gloat by the murmur of the boy “Trillium?”, he said so quiet that she had to strain to hear, “I’m sorry…that…t-the secret….I-is…”, she took his outstretched hand, it was surprisingly clammy for someone so cold, “No Mr. Malroy just left” she said in a half whisper and when he did not reply she took the murmuring to be a bad dream of sorts.

She looked toward his face his hair was soaked with sweat “Oh, Mr. Fisher you are sweating up a storm”, she took a damp cloth and held it against his forehead only for it to be knocked out of her hand and him to start scratching at his face, “Mr. Fisher do not make me put the mittens on you again, we do not want you to damage your beautiful face do we now”

Sometimes she did not  see the point in talking to him when he was in one of his ‘clawing fits’ as Mr. Malroy so politely stated, because he seemed to be completely unresponsive.


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