The Gem Uncovered

Minie ran towards the temple of the sibyls for she had news of great importance to tell, she entered and collapsed at The Grand Sibyls feet. “Oh great sibyl I have foreseen a vision of great destruction upon our land”. The Grand Sibyl snickered at this remark.
After having a vision that is causing her great fear Minie is looking for the solution.


5. quies!

They walked in total silence with Tenach leading for around fifteen minutes. Minie broke the tension, “Hey Tenach I told you a bit about my family, why you don’t tell me about yours”

“Nothing to tell”

“Do you mean they don’t remember you or rather just don’t know who Tenach is?”

“Oh, they know me but as Tenach the next door neighbour who owns a holiday house, they still think Daniel is dead”

“I know how you feel I-“

“No! You don’t! You don’t know how hard it is watching your family live on without you and all you can do is watch from a distance like a ghost and even if I wanted to tell them they wouldn’t believe me”

Tenach ran his hand through his hair and stopped walking for a moment to give Minie a chance to catch up.

“Have you still got the bread?”

Minie smiled slightly, he seemed happier.

“Umm no I left it at my house I can go get it if you want”

“No it’s fine I should be able to magick it”

“Hey I thought you were meant to teach me that”


“Remember you were going to teach me magicks, because ‘I have great potential’ and why didn’t you tell me that you can magick bread”

“Because magicked bread tastes like crap and yes, you do have great potential but you’ll learn soon enough”

“Wait, what?”

Tenach pointed to his temple and smiled

“Wait what do you know, tell me…please”

“If I tell you it won’t happen, but all I know is you will learn soon”

“Well that’s helpful”

Tenach smirked as minie scrunched up her face and walked ahead.


 Minie turned to look over her shoulder, the feeling of Tenach following behind had gone, he was standing about fifty metres away with a blank expression like he was lost.

Minie stopped walking for a few seconds and impatiently ran back towards him.

“Hey Tenach, hello”, Minie flicked the back of his neck, “hey Mr Zombie wake up”.

“What, oh hey when did you get there?”


“What?” Tenach looked generally confused.

“Nothing, um are you okay?”

“Yeah, just thinking, about…things”, Tenach rubbed his eyes, “sorry”

“Don’t be, but should we get going”

“Umm…yes we should”.

Tenach took the lead this time still looking lost and not fazed by his injuries, Minie ran forward to walk along side him and gave him a sideward glance; he seemed emotionless, lost and empty. The sun setting beside him reminded her of his fox form, the burnt orange of the sun casting its shadow on his face.

Tenach caught her staring, smiled and began singing “Dans l’amour et dans l’obscurite enfant je tiendrai tous sains et saufs du monde de tout Ce que je vias proteger l’enfant si petit

Minie looked at him blankly “I didn’t know you knew French”

“I don’t really”, Tenach smiled, “I only know that song, my mother used to sing it to me when I was little”.

Minie shied away “I’m sorry”

“Don’t be”, Tenach pulled minie in and rubbed her shoulder, “you need to stop saying sorry, some things don’t need apologies”

“Um…so what does that song mean?”

Tenach smiled “It’s a song of protection from the night, safety and love all things that are important,” Tenach’s smile soon faded, “she used to sing it to every night before she left. You know, she was the one who found out I wasn’t entirely human” said Tenach matter of factly.

“What do you mean, ‘not entirely human’?” asked Minie.

“Well no human can just change form, and not die”

Minie nodded and looked to the ground; did that mean she wasn’t human either?

“Minie I’m curious-“

“That’s a first”, said Minie under her breath, “go on”

“What do you parents look like?”

Minie tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear “Well my mother is-was beautiful, the total opposite of me,” said Minie, “where I am all bleak shades she was like spring, golden hair,

Green eyes, lips like the petals of a rose and tall and slender, and my father”, She took at breathe as if preparing for the memories. “He was hardly ever home, but what I remember of him he had skin like snow and ink black hair that shone like a ravens feathers, and the only thing that softened his sharp features,  was his smile.  I suppose I look more like my father, though I wish I was like my mother, she was so perfect an-“

“You are perfect”

Minie looked shocked “What?”

Tenach looked toward her “I said ‘you are perfect’”

Minie turned quickly hoping he hadn’t seen her reddening cheeks “How-How do you do that, just act as if everything’s so… perfect”

The words seemed to bounce off him but he still answered “because everything is, I didn’t realise how lucky I was until I got a second chance I-“, Tenach suddenly doubled over, tears streaking his face, “No! No! Oh god why, no its, no!-“


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