The Gem Uncovered

Minie ran towards the temple of the sibyls for she had news of great importance to tell, she entered and collapsed at The Grand Sibyls feet. “Oh great sibyl I have foreseen a vision of great destruction upon our land”. The Grand Sibyl snickered at this remark.
After having a vision that is causing her great fear Minie is looking for the solution.


2. praetor


Tenach then slowly ran his fingers over the stones and crystals as they started to gain light, which slowly became a luminescent glow. Tenach’s breathing quickened as his eyes began to gain the luminance of the stones and crystals. Soon, Minie was blinded by what was once a humble glow.

After the colours had cleared from her eyes Minie could see the stones and crystals formed the letter, ‘M’, useless and no use to Minie.

Minie scanned the room and discovered Tenach in the corner unconscious with one of the many bookcases fallen on top of him and suffering burns around his eyes.

At that moment Minie knew it didn’t go according to plan. Minie reached for the phone and then jerked backward, what would she tell them if the ambulance came, how she would explain the previous events. Minie knew that she one day will inherit Sybil powers but she had no Idea if she had yet, but she had to help Tenach. Minie didn’t have to heal him completely just enough to gain consciousness. She knew she had to at least try. Minie reached over and slowly lifted the bookcase away from the limp body trying not to do any more damage. Minie then carefully placed her hands over Tenach’s chest and concentrated, longing for the constant rise and fall of it, until she could feel his heart beat return to normal pace.

Tenach awakened with a sudden jerk as he gasped for breath, and screamed in shock and pain. Minie again holding back tears “I’m so sorry I shouldn’t have done this to you, it’s my fault”.

 Tenach reached out his hand and felt for Minie’s face “please it’s not you-your fault now, leave me be for a-while.,” said Tenach short of breath, “You can wait in the other room”.

Minie slowly got up wiping her tears and walked into the other room, now noticing it was dark but didn’t feel the need to leave.


It was about fifteen minutes later Tenach walked out of the room, limping slightly and a single eye patch. He managed to give Minie a slight smile and sat next to her on the couch. “Thank you for healing me just enough Minie, you’ve got great potential. But you gave me just enough energy for me to heal myself, yes I may be blind in one eye from now on but you win you lose”.

Minie tucked her hair behind her ears and gave a shy smile “how much potential”.

Tenach smiled and shook his head, then looked up to Minie with one good eye still showing some burns “enough so, that I want to teach you how to use your powers and help you find what you’re looking for”.

 Minie again no longer able to hold back the tears leaped forward and hugged Tenach then quickly let go knowing that Tenach wouldn’t be completely healed from the earlier incident.

“Tenach if I may ask you in that room the stones and crystals they formed the letter, ‘M’, so I was wondering if you knew what that could mean”. Tenach, looking confused limped into the other room and looked at the signage on the floor, “I have no idea what it means, it’s not complete, -but it’s too dangerous to try again”., Tenach looked up to Minie and smiled, “no worries we’ll find out what it means soon enough, but shouldn’t you head off now”. Minie nodded her head with uncertainty and stared at Tenach’s injuries “You can’t be left here come with me so I can look after you” Tenach interlocked his fingers “I don’t think I can do that, see um the sibyls say I’m not allowed near the village”.

 Minie scratched her head trying to find conclusion “Um, have the sibyls actually ever seen you”. Tenach thought for a while stroking his chin as though he was fashioning an imaginary beard, “Now you think of it, no, but they would be able to sense me and my powers, eh if I wear a robe to mask my powers I should be fine”. Minie gave a squeal of joy and triumph as Tenach walked into a tightly sealed closet and pulled out a fine robe of silk, he put on the robe and smiled gesturing to the door “After you, madam”.


It was not long before they entered the village, Minie walking calmly and at normal speed while Tenach decided to hunch over with his limp so he would look like an old hag. Minie elbowed Tenach multiple times for him to walk like a normal person for she was scared that he would attract more attention than needed.

“Can you walk like a normal person”, whispered Minie, “were almost there”. Tenach gave an annoyed but grateful look “Who do you live with Minie, not to be intrusive but I just wondered” Minie took a moment to reply to this question “I live alone; my parents disappeared when I was eleven but that was about four years ago, even though it seems like the other day”.

 Tenach rubbed the back of his neck, he knew he had just approached on uncomfortable territory “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that I’m such an idiot” Minie didn’t reply to that last comment instead she just ignored it “We’re here”.

They had arrived at Minie’s house, a small cabin like house, simple but humble much like Minie. The two did not talk for awhile after they entered, but Tenach was the first the break the silence.

“Again I’m sorry about earli…-”

“Its fine Tenach just let it go”.

Tenach became silent, like a child throwing a tantrum he sat in the corner, legs crossed and his face to the wall. Not because Minie was upset but because she had cut him off halfway mid sentence. 

“Minie, one thing if we’re going on this journey together I want to tell you more about myself, if that’s okay with you”. This was the first time Minie noticed Tenach wasn’t acting his child-like self but only gave a half-hearted nod in case he would turn it into some sort of joke.

“Okay…, what do you want to tell me?”

Tenach rubbed his hands through his hair and looked away from the wall “I wasn’t always called Tenach, in fact I wasn’t even who I am now. I was a young man called Daniel I was with some friends celebrating my seventeenth birthday, and…all I remember is running on to the road, seeing two lights heading towards me and waking up as a twenty two year old called Tenach, since then I seem to be able to see the future and past and maybe go through time, I’m not sure. I have a theory that I died that day and came back as who I am”. Tenach’s eyes began to water, Minie guessed it must have been flashbacks of his previous life; it would have been hard for him to abandon his constant smile and cry. But then again Minie couldn’t imagine Tenach without his square cut jaw, soft amber coloured eyes (more like eye) with flecks of every eye colour imaginable and his black mop of hair.

“So all the stories of you teaching the greats at eleven, was just a myth?” inquired Minie.

Tenach looked up, his amber eyes still glassy, “I don’t know…, maybe it was true and Tenach was an entirely different person before the accident, well my accident”. Tenach could easily see Minie was going to start crying at any moment. So he gave a slight smile and hugged her, she was warm like the dying coals of a fire, and had the smell of ash lingering around her.

“How about we get some sleep and sort the rest out in the morning” said Tenach pulling away from the hug. Minie didn’t really want to go to sleep but didn’t argue the idea. With one swift moment Minie flicked her long, brown, straw like hair aside and looked up at Tenach “you sleep on the couch, just call if you need something, okay I don’t you running outside and the sibyls catching you”, Tenach gaining his child like personality once more smiled “yes mum, oh and I need my blankie and bottle”.

Minie laughed “shut up and go to sleep”.

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