The Gem Uncovered

Minie ran towards the temple of the sibyls for she had news of great importance to tell, she entered and collapsed at The Grand Sibyls feet. “Oh great sibyl I have foreseen a vision of great destruction upon our land”. The Grand Sibyl snickered at this remark.
After having a vision that is causing her great fear Minie is looking for the solution.


4. perdid

Tenach gathered some jewels and the marked out map and placed them in a magicked satchel soon followed by a tap on the shoulder by minie which made him fumble the bag a few times before dropping it.

“Are we really leaving today?”

Tenach looked at her as if she asked ‘why is water so wet?’

“No, it’s a training drill”

“Really, cool”, minie smiled as if she had made an important discovery, “wait, what do you mean ‘training drill’”

“It was a joke, or course were leaving today it will take a while to get to the mountain”.

Minie punched his forearm lightly.

“How are you going through the village this time?”

“I dunno, same as last time, it seemed to work then”

“I suppose” said minie with uncertainty.

Without another word Tenach gave her a smug smile and put on the robe which protected him once before from the sibyls.


It was not long before they exited Minie’s house and entered the centre village.

“Tenach um, should we get bread or something to eat. You know for our journey”

“Most likely, here”, Tenach handed minie some coins that he had hidden in his pocket watch, “I’ll wait here while you get it, and don’t worry I won’t get caught”.

“Okay…but stay here”

Tenach smiled and pulled the hood of the robe to cover more of his face.

Little did he know that his robe was useless and masked nothing.


Tenach felt a hand fall upon his shoulder assuming it was minie he turned and took off his hood. Another hand came from behind, digging deep in his skin with sharp unruly nails. This made him feel faint and the coldness of his blood dripping down from the wounds only made the feeling overcome.

 Tenach’s eyes became heavy and all he saw was the blurred figure of The Grand Sibyl, laughing at his misfortune.



 “Tenach where are you!, You liar!” Minie now was beginning to panic she hadn’t seen Tenach in a few minutes. “He wouldn’t have broken his word, would he?” Minie stared intently at the loaf of bread, had really only being alone fifteen minutes driven her to talk to an inanimate object like a loaf of bread. This time Minie broke down in tears, Tenach wasn’t there to comfort her like he usually did.

How could a man she recently met help her the way he did.

Minie ran her finger along the rough pavement; her fingers went through something wet, cold and red. The blood trail was small but defiantly had to be Tenach’s.




Tenach awoke heavily, stricken by the metal chair he was tied to. The flow of blood from his shoulder had come to an almost complete stop. His eye patch had been torn and hung around his neck exposing his one clouded scarred eye.

He was surrounded by shadowed figures Tenach could tell by the darkness in their souls that these were sibyls.

The silence broke suddenly and The Grand Sibyl stepped forward, light glinted off her sword which made Tenach turn his head only to come back with the sword against his throat.

“Hello again Tenach, last time I saw you, you were leaving my medical ward” the sibyl smirked as pure evil filled her eyes.

“What do you know about my past?!” said Tenach through gritted teeth.

“Ah, now, now I would calm down if I were you. For you see this sword is laced with neurotoxins and the slightest cut would kill you,”, the sibyl watched Tenach squirm as she pressed the sword harder against his throat, “Don’t worry boy, I don’t know much about your past just that you came back as someone new and since then you’ve been a thorn in my side” the sibyl pressed the sword even harder against his throat to the boarder edge of cutting.

“See boy I’ve heard you’ve teamed up with that pathetic excuse for a sibyl looking for the phoenix heart”

“Yeah, so what do you want?”

“Don’t toy with me boy, I want it, the phoenix heart, and after you return and give it to me I won’t kill you” she drew the sword away only to be spat on by Tenach, this angered her, letting the other sibyls knock him unconscious and drag him away.


By now minie had gone home with Tenach’s satchel she found along the way. The material of the satchel was fading away slowly, Minie guessed that magicks doesn’t last forever and played with the fraying edges.

The satchel kept Minie from crying any more. She couldn’t blame herself could she?

How many times he said ‘he can look after himself’ and how many times had she said ‘don’t get caught’. This sent Minie into deep thought only to be sent out of her riviere by a loud thud outside. When she opened the door she found Tenach semiconscious, with a blood sodden shoulder and bruising around his jaw his breathing was deep and wheezy, He reached out for Minie’s hand for a stabilizer to help himself up. Shock filled Minie’s eyes.

“What happened? Can you hear me?”

“The, the cloak never worked”

“Wait, what do you mean?”

“The sibyls knew, they knew everything”

“How, everything”

Tenach hardly able to stand lent against the nearest wall and said nothing; Minie knew this was his intention and stepped forward to take off the robe only bearing the wounds that had been the source of blood. She ran her fingers over the wounds each one she ran her fingers over, Tenach flinched which were followed by a sharp breath.

“Let me heal that for you”

“You can’t The Grand Sibyl did it; her magicks is too strong for you to heal”

“Can I at least heal your bruises?”

“No! Minie I can heal myself!”

“What did they say to you?!”

“Nothing now go!”

Minie held his head firmly, “look at me and tell me”,

She released her grip but still held her hands near.

“They want it; they know of our journey, they want the phoenix heart”

Tenach’s legs then failed as he slid down the wall “can you just leave me for a bit so I can think things through”

“Is that all they said?”

“Minie I said leave me alone!”

The harshness in his voice frightened her. There had never been so much anger in his voice before, it wasn’t just anger also fear clouded his eyes as if this was the only way to keep her safe.

She listened this time.


When Tenach came out the room he didn’t say a word and looked as though there was no attempt to heal any bruises.

“Were going, minie”

There was sternness in his voice.


“To get the thing you saw in your stupid vision” he didn’t look at her.

“What’s wrong with you?”

Tenach didn’t reply but only re-magicked the faded satchel, and cringed as he lent over the grab what he needed.

“What if it’s not there?”

“Well it’s no use sitting here if it is!”

“Seriously, what is wrong with you, you’re not yourself”, Minie, holding back tears but these were no tears of sadness or joy but only of pure anger “Look at you, you didn’t heal anything, and you want to set off on a journey that’s going to take I don’t know how long. Why don’t we just let the world be destroyed!”

This got to Tenach, making him stop and slightly turn his head towards minie “Sometimes wounds are deeper than you think, Minie sometimes wounds are caused because things you want to protect cause them”.

Minie shut up after that and followed Tenach’s orders only to stop him at the door.

“If the cloak doesn’t protect you how can you go through the village?” said Minie reaching for his shoulder.

“Well they dumped me at your door so they would be happy if I left”

Minie nodded her head and opened the door for him.

“Wait what way do we go, or are still walking through the monster filled cave”

“Like I told you there are no monsters and even though the sibyls want me to leave, the ‘guard area forest’ is too dangerous, and we will get killed if we go through”

“Okay so were still going through scary back way”

“Yes we are, okay minie”

Minie only stopped talking when Tenach looked at his wrist looking for some kind of watch.

“So Minie can we leave?”

Minie rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath only to finally follow Tenach out of the doorway.

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