The Gem Uncovered

Minie ran towards the temple of the sibyls for she had news of great importance to tell, she entered and collapsed at The Grand Sibyls feet. “Oh great sibyl I have foreseen a vision of great destruction upon our land”. The Grand Sibyl snickered at this remark.
After having a vision that is causing her great fear Minie is looking for the solution.


3. ignis

The next day Minie woke up to bright sunlight making her eyes water. Minie rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but was disturbed by the clatter of plates, she arise like a half dead being and walked into the kitchen to notice a readymade three course breakfast with Tenach smiling in the corner. “What’s this?”

“What you didn’t say I wasn’t allowed to make you breakfast”

“I also didn’t say you could go through my stuff”.

Tenach laughed and threw a single piece of bacon at Minie’s head. Hitting her hair and leaving a streak of grease, “what was that for” said Minie wiping grease from her hair, Tenach looked up from the table handing her a plate full of food, “I dunno, just eat”

Minie gave a half smile and took the plate out of Tenach’s hand “just one thing how did you get all this food, the sibyls only give us this amount in a month”

Tenach smiled tearing piece bacon in half before shoving it in his mouth.

“Simple magicks I’ll have to teach you”. Minie nodded not really paying attention; she was enjoying the perfectly cooked bacon and eggs pilling her plate. When she had finished she looked up and saw Tenach was gone, “Tenach! Tenach! Where are you” Minie hoped dearly he hadn’t gone outside and been caught.

“In here, calm down; just remember I can look after myself.” There was mockery in his tone.

Minie followed the sound and entered a new room of her house that she had never seen before, “Tenach what’s this room”.

Tenach smiled “Oh your old house was a bit small, so I added a room”

“Wont the sibyls notice”

“No I masked it with magicks”

“Magic isn’t that all fake you know all illusions and sleight of hand”

Tenach lowered his head and laughed “No magicks with a ‘ck’ you should know this for yourself possess magicks and the sibyls, and me, magicks isn’t sleight of hand it all very real the type you hear in fairytales”

Tenach rubbed the back of his neck and looked up at minie “The phoenix heart was said to possess dark magicks something like you saw can destroy villages and even worlds”.

Minie was shocked this was the first time since she had met Tenach he had said ‘phoenix heart’. He always avoided that name like it was forbidden. “But now to get to what I promised you, which is the training, I was thinking about shape shifting”.

 Minie gave a quizzical look “shape shifting, Can I really do, that?” Tenach gave a small smile “yes you can, but then again sibyls can only turn into ravens and crows while I can turn into anything I can imagine, but because I still new to this my main transformation is a fox”.

 Minie gave a look of curiosity “show me”

“What do you mean?”

“Show me your transformation or I will force myself not to believe you”

“Okay fine”.

Not a second after he spoke Tenach fell to the ground and his skin to seemed morph almost like a snake shedding its skin in reverse. His black hair soon became a burnt orange and covered his body, but his amber eyes stayed the same. One of his eyes was clouded and fur seemed to be missing. Minie assumed this was the left over injury from before.


 Minie stroked the fox known as Tenach.

Minie thought a fox was the perfect animal for Tenach cheerful, curious and sly as if holding secrets.

“Tenach what sound does a fox make?”

“I have no idea, which is quite sad when you think about it, so in a way I’m a fox that doesn’t know what sound I make”. Minie was stunned in astonishment “wait you can talk in your form”

“Well it seems I can but I didn’t really know before because I had no one to talk to, and didn’t know if I was talking in fox or something”.

Tenach smiled and rolled on his back.

“Your turn”

Minie fiddled with her hair as if trying to avoid the comment, “How do I”.

Tenach now in human form stood up and placed a hand on Minie’s shoulder “Find it in your heart”

With that Tenach placed a hand on the area were Minie’s heart would be, and closed his eyes to find some way to help her find her own transformation, only to step back shaking.

“Tenach, what’s wrong”

By now Tenach was sitting on the floor holding his hand which was uncontrollably shaking.

“Darkness! Is hidden within the package but goodness may power all and win”.

A tear trickled down his face as shock covered his eyes. Minie sat down beside Tenach and shook him trying to remove the blankness from his face “Tenach come back!” Minie stuttered as she tried to hold back her emotions “p-pleease just come back”.

Tenach’s body jerked as he went forward and hugged the girl who had stuck by him. Tenach finally came back to the world of reality.

Minie pushed him away with tear sodden face “tell me what you saw!”

He looked up still shocked of what he had witnessed, “everything, I saw everything” after his vague explanation Tenach stood up and returned a single book to its rightful place.       



Soon after Tenach had left the room, he returned and gained his sprits once more. Minie, still standing in the same spot as earlier turned “what now”

“We skip training and start; it’s closer than you think”

Minie didn’t need deeper details to understand what he meant.

“One thing, what is of the name ‘Phoenix Heart’ you seemed unnerved every time you say it the sibyls are the same”

Tenach gave a small smile while fiddling with the elastic of his eye patch “you would seem unnerved too if someone said weapon of mass destruction”.

Minie scratched the back of her head, that question must have been so stupid to Tenach.

Minie looked over and saw Tenach studying a piece of paper that seemed of come out of nowhere.

“What’s that?” said Minie leaning over Tenach’s shoulder, “A map of the area for our journey” Tenach showed Minie the marked out route.

Minie scrunched up her face and pointed towards a forest on the map “why don’t we go that way it would be quicker?”

“That is the sibyls guard area, guards protect the area and if we survived going through we would fall into that pit” with that Tenach pointed towards a canyon labelled ‘pit of lost souls’.

Minie folded her arms “Charming name. But even if we go the way you want, were going through ‘forbidden cave’ and what’s this of vampires, shape shifting creatures and dragons”

Tenach smiled “don’t worry it’s just myths the sibyls made to scare everyone from leaving”

Minie scrunched up her face in disbelief and walked out of the room without saying a word.    

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