How Can You Love When You Don't Love Yourself?

This is a story of Rachel Summers. A seemingly normal girl with a not so normal life. She thinks her life is useless until she meets Niall. The only person who discovers who she really is and who she can become.


4. Understanding

Rachels POV

I tried to steer clear of the boys for the rest of the day. I missed my first period. (Math nothing special) I went to the bathroom to wash off my face. I stared into the mirror a long time. I looked at my face for a long time. I gazed at every single blemish. My eyes, how one was bigger than the other. My lips, how they were uneven. My eyebrows, how they were bushy and all over. I looked at myself. Few girls walked into the bathroom, but I didn't notice. After a while I got it. I understood why everyone wanted to make me feel this way. I deserve it. I look terrible and I am just an all around terrible person. Why should I stop people from putting me in my place?

The bell rang, snapping be back into reality. I walked out of the bathroom and on to second period as if nothing had happened.

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