How Can You Love When You Don't Love Yourself?

This is a story of Rachel Summers. A seemingly normal girl with a not so normal life. She thinks her life is useless until she meets Niall. The only person who discovers who she really is and who she can become.


5. Meeting at the Willow

Anna kept wanting to talk to me the rest of the day. I tried to ignore her but we've been friends for so long, it felt weird to not talk. I sat alone at lunch. Not in the lunchroom, that's where Anna and Chloe would be (not to mention the boys). At the end of the day, I went straight home. I knew Anna would be waiting for me at my locker, and I really wanted to avoid having that conversation. Even though I accepted the fact that people don't like me, it still hurt to be abandoned by your best friend.

I needed a break from all this. When I was walking home, I stopped at the willow tree.I went under it's canopy of branches. It was getting dark and I opened my journal. It's what I used to vent my feelings. I wrote, drew and composed poems in it. I wrote whatever I was feeling and today, I was feeling abandoned.

Betrayed by the ones who I thought would always stand by me, I had

Forgotten how many times I have needed help but people have

Abandoned me, leaving me to fend for myself, I was tired of going to school

Scared for how people would treat me. Now I am


It was getting dark, but I wanted to stay longer. I definitely didn't want to go home. Suddenly, I heard a stick break outside the branches. I couldn't see that well in the dark, but I could make out a figure standing in front of me.



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