Frozen Darkness

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1. chapter 1

Come on five more minutes of class, "alright projects are due next Monday!" Mr Crowley said finally the bell rings. I walk out of class on the way to my locker, "umph sorry I..." " it was no problem babe don't worry here is your phone you dropped it" " oh.. Uh thanks we'll see you around I guess." I walk outside to see Damian with Jessica flirting. " Damian hurry up with your snogging fest and take me home!" " bye Damian muah!" God I could just hit her, calm down Bo it's ok she's not worth your time of day. " great ... Got to get ready to move soon totally not excited!" "Why?" " I HATE PACKING" " woah calm down grouchy pants!" The rest of the ride was filled with silence besides the radios soft humm of music.

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