You'll Be The Death Of Me

Loki is banished from Asgard, stripped of his powers and immortality. His harsh punishment is to be cut of from Asgard all together. He will live and die as a mortal.

But what happens if Loki discovers that it isn't just humans that rule the earth.

What happens if Loki is pulled into the supernatural world by accident.

Vampires capture Loki. Will they kill him? Harm him? Or maybe even...turn him?

Loki's whole existence is going to be turned up side down.


4. Ripped Away


Loki looked at Thor who returned his gaze sadly.

He looked at his mother who wasn't looking at him and looked like she was going to cry.

Loki shook his head and backed away, everything he'd done, everything he'd lived for couldn't be ripped away like that, could it?

Loki muttered, his voice cracking ", you cant..."

Odin said "Guards, hold him still"

To guards grabbed his arms and dragged him forward.

Loki, was to caught up with his own shock and grief to relise what was happening.

Suddenly Loki's eyes widened even more, he was going to be turned mortal then banished with almost the whole of Asgard watching?

Surely Odin wouldn't be that cruel?

Thor seemed to think the same thing as he stepped forward "Father-"

Odin snapped "Silence"

Everything inside Loki burned with humiliation and grief.

Odin said grimly "You are unworthy to be of Asgard and I now take everything that makes you immortal including your magic"

He pointed his hand at Loki and Loki felt like a hand had clasped around his heart and was ripping it out.

He couldn't stop himself from screaming.

Pure pain ran through his veins.

His magic clutched on to him, not wanting to leave its master, causing Loki more pain.

Thor suddenly said worriedly "Don't fight it Loki, it'll cause you more pain"

Loki wanted to snap back that he wasn't exactly in control of himself at the moment, how did Thor expect him to take control of his magic that slowly was being ripped away from him?

Everything inside him was screaming "No!"

Then his body and mind did the only thing that would stop the pain that was tearing into him, they both shut down.

Loki felt himself fall to the ground at Thor and his Mothers worried shouting was ringing distantly in his ears.

His eyes closed and darkness smeared his vision.

In a couple of seconds Loki was uncounsios, with his brother and mother hovering over him worriedly.



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