Spellcraft:The Lilith Night Series

My name is Lilith Night and I'm a witch.That's right I'm a witch,of course a few days ago I thought I was a normal teen like everyone else I know.That is of course until the day Parker Wilde moved to town and everything changed.


1. Prolouge

   My name is Lilith Night and I'm seventeen years old.I live in the quite little town of Deville,Louisiana and I'm a Junior at Buckeye High School.A few days ago everything in my life was normal,you could even say boring.That is of course until Parker Wilde moved to town and changed everything.Now Parker and I are being hunted by a group of witches that call themselves The Clave.It's a good thing Parker himself is a witch and according to him so am I.For you to fully understand everything I'll start from the beginning,the VERY beginning.

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