slipped away

I'm never in one place for long, I have to keep moving so that my feet don't root to the land like wild weeds. I know that the minuet I settle is the minuet something terrible will happen, and ill be ripped away from what ever substance I maintained. You could say that I'm running, or that I'm afraid, and you might be right but ill never tell you what I'm running from or what I'm afraid of.


1. Steady Deep Breaths


     I gaze over at Jacob, or was his name Jordan?... It doesn't matter, I look at his bare chest waiting for the rise and fall to steady and deepen. As his breathing becomes louder I know he's finally asleep. I slowly push off the covers and slip out of the bed letting his thin soft whit tee-shirt slip down over my bum. I stand there for a moment, my eyes darting all around the room until they settle on my underwear, hanging off of what looks like a trophy. I tiptoe to the other side of the room grabbing my panties off of the gold figurine and slipping on the black piece of cloth. I almost trip as I make my way to the foot of the bed and pull on my faded jean shorts then off comes his shirt and on go's my bra and baggy knit sweater. Careful not to wake him I make my way to his bedroom window and unlock the sill. the window creaks as I raise it and I hear a noise come from the bed behind me. My head swings around but Jacob is still fast asleep so I swing my leg over the sill and out the window, feeling the cool grass beneath my toes. I turn and take one last look at him. What if I stayed? I think to myself but this was a routine I was far to familiar with. I swing my other leg out of the window and duck out into the humid summer night.

     I run across the grass shoes in hand, pulling the jingling keys out of my shorts pocket and hitting the unlock button. I hear my black jeep beep from the curb and yank at the door. hopping in I shove the keys in the ignition and throw my shoes onto the passenger seat. I turn the keys and flip on the radio pulling away from the curb and down the street and then onto the highway. Away from another place and its people who are all to stuck to go anywhere different. Away from just another memory on my list of places to go. Away from it all...  

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