slipped away

I'm never in one place for long, I have to keep moving so that my feet don't root to the land like wild weeds. I know that the minuet I settle is the minuet something terrible will happen, and ill be ripped away from what ever substance I maintained. You could say that I'm running, or that I'm afraid, and you might be right but ill never tell you what I'm running from or what I'm afraid of.


2. Like a Gunshot in the Night


     I Speed down the highway, music blaring and my fingers tap the steering wheel to the beat of the song. My eyes gaze at the dash bored clock, the neon numbers read 2:48. My eyes fly back up onto the road and I flip on my high beams, turning left and right with the old winding highway. A slow song comes on and I fumble to keep my eyes on the road but change the station to something more upbeat. Bang! The noise is like a gunshot in the night, my body tightens all at once bracing for the impact of the airbags, but it never comes. Instead there's a series of sputters and smoke starts steaming from the front of my car.

"damn it," I mumble pulling my car over to the side of the road and slapping the steering wheel in frustration pull my hair back into a messy low pony before getting out of the car and slamming the door. Making my way to the rear of the car I stumble trying to put on my shoes and walk at the same time, finally I slip on my moccasin slippers and yank open the trunk door. I grab some dirty rags from the trunk and wrap them around my hands making my way back to the front of the car. Lifting the hood of the car I'm overwhelmed with a mess of black sooty fog that feels like it leaves a layer of tar on my face. I wipe my eyes then look down at the mess of pipes and tubes snaking there way in between each other like over grown vines. I see no apparent problems so I walk back to the drivers side, reach in and grab my phone opening up Google maps looking for where I am. I read the tine words in scripted beside the little red dot "Holmes Chapel," I read aloud. I'm about to look up a number for a toe truck and cab when I see headlights coming down the road toward me. The small black van pulls up on the other side of the road and I can barely make out  some one moving in the passenger seat. I hear a door close and some one gets out and jogs across the street, It's a boy. He look a couple years older then I but its hard to tell because he is wearing a beanie and sunglasses.

"Need some help?" he asks me smiling, his accent full of charm.

"It's 3:00 in the morning. Do you really think you need sunglasses?" I ask smiling and walking back over to the hood of the car to make it look like I'm occupied. He smiles at me and reluctantly takes off his glasses and hat, I look up at him from under the hood and his green eyes look at me expectantly. "what?" I say laughing.

"You  don't recognize me?" he asks puzzled. I slowly shake my head and reply,

"Should I,"

"No, no," He just looks at me for a second. "well do you need a jump start or some gas?" he asks gesturing to his black van, "we can help you with that if need be,"

"We?" I ask questioningly. He's about to reply when he is cut off

"Harry! Come on lad! I want to beat the rain!" the boy in the passenger seat is now halfway out the window and yelling at harry. I laugh and reply to harry,

"No I don't need a jump I do need a toe though, do you have the number for a toe truck around here?" he gives a sarcastic wave to the boy in the passenger seat of his car then turns back to me,

"yea I'll give Sal a call," The boy pulls a phone out of his pocket and dials a longer then usual number, I can hear the phone ringing.

"I'm Harry," he says waiting for the line to pick up.

"Melanie," I say awkwardly gesturing to myself, I'm not usually awkward like this. I hear the phone pick up and harry turns to talk to person on the other end, I listen to some mumbles before he turns back toward me.

"A toe truck will be here in about a half hour," he smiles at me then pulls an old receipt out of his pocket and a pen out of his other. he scribbles something down folds it up and hands it to me as his car horn is violently honked. 

"Lets go!" A different voice calling from the inside of the car.

"One second Lou!" harry yells back at the van. "This is the number for a cab, glad I could help love," he says to me as he turns and walks back toward his car. I open up the ratty receipt and read the scribbles on the back

Taxi: 555-7887    My Number:555-2291

I grin at the paper and look up as harry opens his car door.

"Nice meeting you Mel," he yells at me then ducks into his car. Mel. no one has called me Mel sense my mother died. the car pulls off of the side of the road and speeds down the highway as I pull my phone out, dial the number for a cab and get comfortable leaning against the car. I'll be waiting here a while.




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