Life is a blurr of pain and confusion. Staring up at these bars, She wonders if those will be the only things filling her vision. If this cage will remain her world. Vanessa is a fifteen year old child, waiting to be sold to her master. She is innocent to the world and is still young minded. This is the story of her survival and finding love.

This is my first movella!


5. Safe

I stare out the window, watching the trees go by. I haven't been outside in months, haven't seen trees or smelled anything other than fear. I lean into his shoulder and feel his hand slide around my waist.

He leans in and whispers, "you like the outside, don't you?".

I nod and look up at him, "yes, sir. It's pretty".

He laughs and kisses my nose causing me to scrunch it up. He laughs more at that and touches it softly with his finger, "you're so pretty, I don't know how anybody could he mean to you".

I blush and lay my head on his shoulder, "the owner is a meanie," I giggle then immediately cover my mouth.

He frowns and takes my hand away, kissing it softly, "don't do that, I love your giggle. You don't need to hide from me, Venessa".

I blush and look down, "I'm sorry sir"

He unhooks my seat belt and then his as the limo comes to a stop. He opens the door and steps out then reaches in and gently picks me up, "your new home" he whispers into my ear. I look up and take in the giant house. With the tall, white pillars that line the front to the fates that surround the area. Then the guards walking around the outside.

I look back at him, watching me intently. I smile at him and point to the red double doors, "that's my favourite colour". He grins and kisses my cheek, "I'm glad you like it". He walks me toward the doors and i lay my head on his shoulder, "safe" I whisper and he nods, "with me in your new home".

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