Life is a blurr of pain and confusion. Staring up at these bars, She wonders if those will be the only things filling her vision. If this cage will remain her world. Vanessa is a fifteen year old child, waiting to be sold to her master. She is innocent to the world and is still young minded. This is the story of her survival and finding love.

This is my first movella!


3. Home

He gets up again, smiling still. I pull my toys closer and watch him. I'm going with him, to his home. He picked me, he likes me. He won't be mean then, he'll take care of me. I smile to myself, there it is again. He shakes the owners hand before coming back over to me. He sits down next to my cage and pulls out a key, the key. I watch it closely, it's going to get me out of this cage and leave me defenseless. I'm not ready, I'm scared to leave this protector. He slides it into the key hole and turns if. I hear the click and my breath catches, coming out as a soft whimper. He stops, "it's okay, Venessa. It's just me". I nod and he slowly opens the door. I feel myself shake again, it's open and I'm unprotected. He takes his hand away from the door, opening his arms. "Come on, Venessa. You're safe now" he whispers softly. I grip my lamb and blanket, feeling their soft fabric. "Safe" I whisper back, crawling towards his open arms. He nods, "that's right". I crawl out of the cage and into his arms, he wraps them around me. I look up at him and he smiles. I continue to stare up at him as he rises to his feet, pulling my closer. He gently presses his lips to my forehead, his free hand is tucking a red lock behind my ear. I flinch back, but it feels nice. He's not hurting me, I don't think he ever will. He pulls away and softly strokes my curls, laying my head to his chest. "You're safe with me now, Nessie. I won't let anyone hurt you anymore", he whispers into my ear. I close my eyes and focus on his hand, petting my hair. I relax into him as he moves out the door, my new home.

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