Life is a blurr of pain and confusion. Staring up at these bars, She wonders if those will be the only things filling her vision. If this cage will remain her world. Vanessa is a fifteen year old child, waiting to be sold to her master. She is innocent to the world and is still young minded. This is the story of her survival and finding love.

This is my first movella!


6. Family

When we walk into his large house, I immediately hear talking. Then a huge eruption of laughter and I frown. I'm not used to this, why are they so happy?

I lift my head up when he chuckles and kiss my head, "they can't wait to meet you, Nessie". I look down the hall and see a warm glow coming through a door. He gently sets me to my feet and grabs my hand, "be good, Vanessa. You're going to meet my family".

My eyes widen, "family?" I whisper and he nods, kissing my hand.

"That's right." He walks me to the flickering light then pauses, "ready?". I bite my lip and nod. He gently pulls me into the room and the laughter and talking comes to a stop. Everyone's eyes fall on me and my go to the ground.

The boy smiles, "this is Vanessa. Nessie, this is my brother, Micheal. My mom, Delilah, and my father, Dimitri." I look around at all of them and his mom is the only one that smiles. I step behind him and put my head back down.

He squeezes my hand and bends down, facing me. "Vanessa, what did I say before we came in here?".

I look at him, "to be good, sir".

He nods and kisses my forehead, "then be good".

I nod and he stands up again and brings me forehead. I smile at his mom, "Hello, ma'am".

She smiles and nods, "Hi, Vanessa". I jump when his dad slams his glass on the table, flinching into my master.

He sighs and strokes my hair, "Vanessa, you need to say hello to my father first".

I whimper and look up at him, "I-I'm v-very sorry, s-sir".

He shakes his head, "she better he properly taught by the end of this week". He leaves and I hide behind master again, shaking once more.

Michael stands up and walks over to me, "Hey, Vanessa, don't worry about him. he's just a meanie."

I giggle and look up at master "like the shop owner."

He smiles and nods, "that's right, good girl."

His mom comes over and tells Michael to go to bed. I watch him walk away then turn back to the mom. She bends down, "just be wary of him, dear and if you need anything, just come find me."

I nod "yes ma'am, thank you". She sighs and looks at me with the same look her son first gave me, sad.

She walks out and master bends down, "two out of three like you, you did very good, Nessie. Do you like your new family? Other than the meanie" he teases and pokes my nose.

I giggle and nod, "yes sir, I like my new family".

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