The dark mind of the blonde girl

Blonde haired, blue eyes, she was the girl that no one expected to have demons, to have a darker mind than anyone could have thought. Every day painting on a new face to fool her friends, but behind the scenes morphing into the mess she knew to be her true self.


1. Never

Rays of light beamed into the small room where Jade Seratano slept restlessly. It shown on her face, waking her gladly from the horrible dreams that had plauged her. Her brain replayed the images as the memory quickly began to fade from her recollection. Forcing herself up onto her fore arms Jade closed her eyes and ran her hand over face. Groaning as she swung her legs over the side of her bed and stood. Her muddled brain began to clear as she shook her head for a moment, running a hand through her long blonde hair and sighing. She went to her closet, opening the doors which let a small  creak from years and years of use. Her wardrobe contained very little color. Mostly a mixture of different black or gray shirts. All of them long sleeved. Never in her life would she leave the house without long sleeves on. She glanced down at her many reasons, running a cold hand over her battle scars from her war against the demons that had taken hold of her. Jade hated herself for not containing it to within her, but then again, she hated herself for many more reasons than that. She banished the thoughts from her mind. She couldn't afford to get into one of her moods before she had to once again put on her mask of happiness. She opted for a plain black sweater, one that she had trusted many a time to conceal her scars. "That looks terrible" a small, bitter voice rang from within her. She shook her head and grabbed her glasses from her nightstand so she could once again see clearly. She walked to her bathroom, putting her hair into a simple braid and calling it good, gathering her backpack and book before heading out of the door. She was on her own in the morning seeing as her dad wasn't involved in her life at all, and her mom took little interest in her only daughters life.

         Walking out into the cold air of a Chicago winter stung her skin lightly, causing her cheeks to become blushed and swirls of mist disappearing into the air with every breath. She wrapped her arms around herself, lowering her eyes to their all too familiar place at the ground and walking on. Jade heard a shout of her name, turning she saw the figure of Rose bounding to catch up to her. Rose was a slender girl with olive skin and chocolate brown eyes, and hair to match. She was undeniably beautiful, and pangs of jealously shot within Jade, but she supressed them, her muscles forming into a convincing smile and she looked at her friend. "What is with you and the black!" Rose drawled, pinching at a baggy section of Jade's sweater as she caught her breath. "Not everyone can pull off neon colours" Jade said adding a hint of a laugh to her speech. "You're a twig, and you should be proud" Rose giving a small smile to a pair of guys across the street who felt the need to whistle at her. "You have a herd of guys following you around every where" Jade said, beginning to walk again and replacing her eyes position towards the ground. "I don't no-...oh." Rose said with a frown when she did a ballerina turn to check her surroundings, only to discover that she did in fact have a pack of admirers tailing her. "Maybe their after you" Rose said giving her friend a light elbow. "Oh really? You think so?" Jade asked sarcastically, giving her friend a smile just to show it wasn't anger, "If their mine, then lets see." she said looking around quickly before darting across the street to the other sidewalk. She glanced at Rose, and her pack of boys with a small knowing smile, somewhere inside of her a shock of disappointment rose, as if part of her actually wanted someone to follow her. She gestured for Rose to follow her, which she did, and watched her results. The group, piece by piece, found it's way to their new side. "Still want to argue that they could be for me?" Jade asked, Her words coming out a bit more quiet than she would have prefered. "This proved nothing Seratano" Rose said waving a finger at her friend playfully". Jade laughed "I think it does Tennant" she replied, quickly putting up her arms in defense as Rose lightly hit her friend with her unfunctionally small book bag. They approached the tall building of Earhart high school just as the buses began to roll into the parking lot, "Oh! Keslea's here!" Rose said waving tk her preppy friend " I'll catch you later?" Rose said, forming it into a question as she slowly walked backwards towards Kelsea. "Yeah sure" Jade said with a nod as she let her smile fade for the first time, but definitly not the last time, that day, jade walked through the threashhold of her own personal hell, and made her way to her severely unfortunatly placed locker.

           Lynn Otimno, Lexi Coulson, and Jaycee Wellings were the three plastics of the school that every girl either worshipped, or feared. Jade was deep into the fear section, so she silently approached the girls, spinning her lock and beginning to retrieve her books. "So" Lynn said in her high pitched voice, "rent any new friends from the library?" She asked, fake interest practically dripping from her words, Jade turned her head slightly towards Lynn, keeping her eyes to the ground before replying with a quiet "No". Gathering the rest of her things she moved to walk to her first period class, but her arm was caught by sharp nails digging into her skin, turning her back to face Lynn. " I think it's a little rude to walk away in the middle of a conversation don't you Lexi?" Lynn asked, cocking her head slightly to the side and gripping Jades arm more forcefully, causing her to let out a small yelp pf pain. Before Lexi could answer, An arm was drapped across Jade's shoulders. "Sorry ladies" a familiar male voice said "I'm taking my bestfriend back." He said with a lop sided grin. "Aw but Finn!" They whined, laying fake disappointment thickly on their words. "Sorry ladies" he said witha shrug, leading Jade away to the first period class they shared. Finn Harries was the star goalie for the Earhart hockey team. He was tall, with dirty blonde hair smoothed perfectly atop his head. His muscles were the object of many a a freshman girl desire. To Jade however, he was her best friends who she'd grown up with. She put her smile back up as they walked together. "I didn't know you were friend's with Lynn and them" He said raising and eyebrow to her, giving her one of his signature grins. "Hm? Oh yeah, their...great" She decided on, choosing not to worry him. "Hey Jack!" He yelled suddenly, putting up his hand to his friend Jack before glancing at her, "Do you mind?" He asked, pointing towards Jack with his thumbs. "Nope, not at all" she said giving him a smile. She dropped once he had walked off. Her form blended into the backdrop with out someone like Rose or Finn by her side, and she was okay with that. Or at least she told herself she was. People pushed and shoved past her like she was invisable, but she expected no less by that point in her life. She reached her first class, Social Studies, and walked to her seat towards the middle of the small class room. She pulled out a notebook, opening to a new page and with that, the class began. He day blurred to together until lunch, where she opted to spend in the art room with Mrs. Thorton. After her somewhat enjoyable lunch periods spent drawing rather than eating (One of the larger issues of her war) Jade was force to go to the place where was was ultimately vulnerable, it was gym time

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