Best Christmas Gift Ever!!!

About this girl who meets Louis Tomlinson


5. A Talk With Liam

Emma's POV

after I talked with my mum I felt a little better, today is the day I will have a talk with Liam..



No Ones POV!
Geoff: Are you okay Emma?
Emma: yeah, Thanks Geoff.
Geoff: anytime.
Louis: Hey Emma, are you okay? what happened?
Emma: Lou, I'm fine! can I tell you later?
Louis: Anything For You Babe(:
Emma's Pov
if I didn't tell you I have a tiney tiny crush on Louis Tomlinson. Okay fine I have a Huge Crush on him.. not judging!
no ones pov
Liam: Hey, Are you okay?
Emma: Do you remember me?
Liam: What do you mean?
Emma: DO YOU OR  DO YOU NOT???!!!
Liam: No, I don't.
Emma: I WAS your best Friend.
Liam: Emma?
Emma: yes, why haven't you called, texted, or even skyped?
liam: im sorry emma I wasn't thinking and I was busy working my butt off, but I  always think of you, I didn't recognize you because you dyed your hair Blue.
Emma: well yeah, im sorry.
Liam: no no I'm sorry.
Emma and liam Hug!
hey guys sorry for the short chapters lots of love ~Caitlyn

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