Dear Darcy

I know I was An Accident . My Mom Had me at a young age. I really miss her. I don't know where she went though. When I was Little my Mom Sent me away with only a backpack And A book. I always Saw her writing in it i guess it was a diary or something. My Mom and Dad never really talked ...or thats at least what i think I know my dad is Harry Styles my mom doesn't know that i know about him though. My Mom Told Me that when i turned 16 i could read it and it would explain everything. And i Get to read it today i guess ...cause i just turned 16.


9. 9<3

Darcy's POV-

We entered the park and no one was there. We looked around for any sights of my mum but there was nothing So far. I walked Around and Under the Slide i saw something i wrote 5 years ago. It said 

"My Mummy is the best in the world! I love you mummy!~Darcy" 

I yelled for Harry and he came rushing over to me and he saw the words I wrote when i was 5. This was the year before my mum left me I said Still looking at it.

"Darcy, Did you bring the journal with you." Harry asked 

I slowly nod as i turn my face away from the slide and look at him 

"Okay Lets Go find somewhere to sit and you can read and see if it says anything else." 

We sit On two Swings and i start to read

Dear Darcy, 

Hi Baby! We went to The park together today we had so much fun together! We even left a reminder there! Under the slide if you remember! I can't believe It's been 5 years already Your growing up too fast! I cant believe i'm leaving in a year but i guess its part of my promise to someone i'm sure your going to have a great life with Victoria!

Love you Darcy!

I looked up at Harry she promised that she would drop me off at victorias when i was 6! I yelled in anger Hitting a tree with my foot a few times. 

"DARCY! STOP!" Harry yells 

I back away and Start crying And harry sits by me 

"Darcy This Was a bad idea..I'm sorry" He says Looking down 

No its Not your fault Its mine i wanted to know about you and Mum and i made a mistake...

"Darcy." A voice Says Behind me 

I look behind me and to see who it is and i smile.. 


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