Dear Darcy

I know I was An Accident . My Mom Had me at a young age. I really miss her. I don't know where she went though. When I was Little my Mom Sent me away with only a backpack And A book. I always Saw her writing in it i guess it was a diary or something. My Mom and Dad never really talked ...or thats at least what i think I know my dad is Harry Styles my mom doesn't know that i know about him though. My Mom Told Me that when i turned 16 i could read it and it would explain everything. And i Get to read it today i guess ...cause i just turned 16.


3. 3<3

Im freaking out cause Todays Saturday and i get to see my dad ! When we were on our way me and sky talked and i started to read to myself...

Dear Darcy, 

Hi sweetie, Um well today was a normal day pretty much. You are probably wondering why i didn't really talk about your father in the last one well its because i NEVER want you to meet him, He is A bad bad Person He wouldn't like to see or meet you. I understand why you would be curious and if you do one day meet or bump into him i will be a little mad but i will love you still. Well that kind of fills the wholes Um Well love you so much Darcy ! 

~Mommy <3 

I then realized what im doing right now, My mom wouldn't like But i wasn't going to stop now oh no not now i was to close We could arrive Any second... "Were Here ! " I gulp and We get out Sky has her one direction shirt on and i have normal clothes on.


It was about to start We were in the 2nd row Then all you could see was 5 boys standing there They then announce there names 

"Im Louis Tomlinson" 

"Im Zayn" 

"Im harry Styles " 

"Im Liam Payne-O"

"Im Niall, Niall Horan ! " 

The crowed screamed And Me and Sky laughed covering are ears I looked at the Harry One He looked alot like me and i can see where i get my looks from...Wait eww okay They sang alot of songs then it was time to go meet them. We talked for awhile and They were really nice And after a while they gave us their phone numbers and told us not to share it with anyone then  When we Were done talking We left... 

"Man Darce Your dads Hottt " 

I nodded, I wonder what my mom would think. 

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