Liams baby sister

What happen when ur in love but it never lasts when you've got a famous brother and boyfriend


6. please wake up

Liam's pov

I can not believe what have just herd he cheated on my baby sis and now we don't know how long she will be in a coma for i hate him for doing this to my sister hate him

As I walk through the doors to my sisters room I can hear talking so I went to Listen

N please if u can here me wake up I'm so so so sorry for what I did to you , you did not deserve this at all and I'm sorry I was such a bad boyfriend and a bad friend I will alway love u forever and always

M Niall

N yeah

M I love u too

N really ? But do u forgive ?

M I can't I don't think we can every be the same not even best friends you really hurt me Niall

N and I'm so sorry but I understand I'm gunna go

M Niall

N no it's fine please

And that was all I herd sop I went in there to see my baby sis

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