Liams baby sister

What happen when ur in love but it never lasts when you've got a famous brother and boyfriend


3. Liam talk

(L= Liam (m=maddy

L . Sis where are u

M. Here in my room

L. Hey what u doing ?

M. Not much just trying to find a present for Niall

L. Have you not got one yet

M. Nope why ?

L. Lucky for you u have the best big brother in the world

M. What do u mean?

L. Just stop looking and wait till tonight

M. O k

Maddys pov

I wanted to go to see Niall so I start to get. Ready shower Make up hair and cloths I were a pair of short shorts with a half top with some flats and a cardigan

I get to the studio and see Niall

I didn't expect this to happen .......

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