Liams baby sister

What happen when ur in love but it never lasts when you've got a famous brother and boyfriend


9. how could u

I can't believe what I just saw I was going to forgive Niall because it was just one mistake but then he goes and does this I hate him hate him

N maddy wait please

M why so u can tell me how great she was or say hey hru save it I never want to see u again Niall

No please I'm sorry

Everything went sigh lento hen we heard foot steps

( AN Emma is the name of the girl that Niall slept with )

E what's going on out her

She said with Nialls shirt on

M nothing I was just leaving

L no don't go baby sis

Z yeah

Lou don't leave maddy

M I have. To I can't be around him and his new girlfriend . Bye love u Liam

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