Cat History

their are three cats and for sale.


7. Where Is Holly!

''Holly where are you'' said Misty. ''Where could she be'' said Mia. ''I don't know'' said Misty. A few minutes later they heard a loud  noise. It sounded painful. ''What was that'' said Mia. ''I don't know'' said Misty. ''Should we go check it out'' said Mia. ''Why not'' said Misty. So they went to check it out. Then they saw Holly and 4  kittens. ''Holly did you have babies'' said Misty. ''Yeah'' said holly. ''Wow'' said Mia. ''What did you name them'' said Misty. ''I named them Sammy, Fluffy ,doodles and Milo. ''Well those are good names'' said Mia and Misty. ''Well I guess we found Holly'' said Misty.

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