Never ending challenges

I hope its good


1. the book

once there were 2 boys moving in to a house after there mother and father died of a car wreck one boy was good for making things and being really smart in times needed the other boy was good for making traps for animals.The two boys names were Tom and Pete tom made the traps and Pete was the smart one.They were really both smart at making out door materials.Well lets get going with the story .after the death they went into there new house they stumbled upon a book when they were walking to there rooms.They were curious of the book so they picked up the book and Pete said to tom 'HEY tom look it says our dads name is on this book.Really Tom said to Pete that's odd said Tom.there uncle called them to the table KIDS COME EAT!! what are we having said Pete as Pete and Tom sat at the table soup said uncle Tom and Pete asked uncle what do you now about the book that says our dads name on it uncle said nothing for one minute...All he did for one minute was stair at Tom and Pete then he said where did you find it Pete "on the table Pete said"uncle said i will just tell you tomorrow i.. i.. i just need to think.

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