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you'd think Niall Horan yes the famouse Niall horan would save the lovely Katelyn Tomlinson. Louis tomlinson's sister who is 20 and is as badass as katniss everdeen and the girl who plays in the red riding hood this story is sorta like it but.Katelyn is hunting down wherewolfs cuz they killed her parents and the rest of the family but on the way she finds out Niall's Biggest secret and she trys to kill him how will thier friendship turn out to be love when Katelyn whants to kill him ? but will Niall show her the path that she should be on or the one shes heading down now to get revenge? P.S. in this niall is the leader of the pack


2. attacks

                                                    Katelyn's pov

                    I look very much alike jennerfer lawrance accept im not her im diffrent she dosn't hunt animal's in real life and dosen't have to worry about damn Wherewolfs. "hey buttercup" my friend jamie said and i glared. "you know i hate that name" i said and she smiled sightly. "Kat sooner or later you gonna have to forgive and forgett about what they did to you and Louis family" she said knowing she regreated it. "Jamie they killed yours they killed Niall's they killed Zayns they killed harrys and liams im not gonna forgive them" i said taken my locket out and it showing mine and Louis family. "im sorry" she said and i hugged her "dont be besides you get to see harry in two days" i said nudgeing her and she giggled. "you get to see yours to" she replied. "who?" i asked confused not knowing i had a man. "oh come on Kat when all know you fancie niall and bread boy" she said pointing to Ashton my best friend. "you wish" i said. and she laughed when all of a sudden i heard a growl and looked around to see people hiding i turned to look at the gate that was already broken and a white with blue eyes wherewolf standing by the fence. "jamie when i say go hide you do it got me" she nodded "where gonna die" she said "listien think of harry were not gonna die" then five more wolfs came in beside the wolf. And he growled at them and they backed away. "jamie go hide im fine" i said and she ran i took my bow and put it up and put an arrow on it when it started running at me.

                                       I fell to the floor with the snow around me covered in blood as i screamed out in pain and it grabed my pants and started dragiing me in the forest when. ashton came to my rescue.As soon as he got me out of the wolfs grip he got me to the doctor with jamie crying then darkness over took me

                 two days later

                          Louis pov

                "I cant wait to see my sister" i said so excitedly i got her a little pengiun with stuff in it of corse. when we got there Katelyn was no where to be found  so we walked into town. "Louis what are you doing here you should be at the hosptial" one of Katelyn's customers she sales fresh meet to. "What do you mean?" i asked she looked down "did they not tell you" she asked "what melodie what did they not tell me" i said "Katelyn is in the hospital  she was attacked by a wherewolf they have givien her an anadot where she cant turn into one" she said and niall eyes widen. "what did the wolf look like" he said "he had white fur and blue eyes they were stocking her and jamie she saved jamies life" she said and i took the boys to talk in privite. "niall what the hell is going on" i said since i knew he was a wherewolf and was only here to protected Katelyn but to make him look normal hes in the band with us. "my father warned me" he said. "Niall whose after my sister" i said "Greg my brother hes angrey that i fell for her out of all girls i imprinted on Katelyn tomlinson your guy's father was the most powerful wherewolf hunter and i fell for his daughter Katelyn" my eyes grew wide "you imprinted on my sister" he nodded "god damn Niall anything else i need to know"  i asked and he nodded "If I dont get her to fall in love with me back and tell her my Secret and get her not to kill me she will be in grave danger im the head leader of our pack and my job is to get her to forgett everything and joine my side as my queen and you guys as well but since harry is already one and has been in my pack for years his imprint was Jamie but if i dont seccued i got to marry and ugly bitch so help me louis please." he said

                                 "ill help you niall but you need to be careful you have to convince her that wherewolfs arnt so bad and we need  to get her and jamie into the forest so you can turn me and the rest of the guys but mostly so we can protect her" i replied he smiled "thank you lou well lets go see her"

                  At the hospital

                     Katelyn's pov

          "jamie" i said she turned her head and looked at me and raced towards me

"you bloody idot i thought you were gonna die" she said hugging me and i groaned

"oh god im sorry i forgott when you fell you fractured your ribs then you have a huge gash in your leg" she said trying not to cry.

"you should go home harry well be home latter today" i said

"you wont have to go jamie cuz where here" i heard a voice say i looked towards to see Louis standing there. He walked towards me

"what the hell where you thinking Dare diviel" he said sitting on my bed

"what the hell was it thing i was thinking about saveing my bestfriend's life and kill the wolf but he charged at me and i tryed to run but he cut my leg open and gave me some fractured ribs" i said

"ok smart arse" louis said moving the hair out of my face "im just glad your ok Katelyn i cant lose you either" he said hugging me

"I'm sorry lou i wasn't thinking at all i was scared at of my mind i thought me and jamie where gonna die this bloody idot was freken out while i was calm like daddy taught me i was just trying to save her for harry i didnt want him to be heartbroken that his girlfriend died because of me cuz i could have saved her and i did but i sacerfised myself" i said crying in his shoulder and niall moved lou out of his arms and put me in his and rocked me back and forth.

"all that matters Katelyn is that your safe now" he thick irish accent said hugging me as i cryed my self to sleep in his arms

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