A Story of Lust

A story of a betrayal. Two best friends, one boy. Two horny teenagers and a girl craving affection. A broken heart, or will there be more than one broken heart at the end of the day?


1. The Morning

 "Oh Janey look who it is!" I squealed and nodded my head towards the boy of her dreams, Gisty. She giggled blushing madly, trying to hide behind her hair but obviously staring at him. I shook my head and went back to dreaming, I love to day dream unfortunately Janey, when she sees Gisty doesn't like staying quiet. At all. "Paulie! Oh  my god! Look /is he oh my." She was hyperventilating and I laughed like a horse, and snorted. Janey looked over at me and we doubled over laughing. A couple of minutes later Gisty walked up to us, his gray trainers hanging from his round hips, a pink shirt peeking out from under his dark blue hoodie, vans on his feet. Everyone seems to love Vans in Dublin. 

" 'Sup Moths."  He says standing in front of us, I wave lightly, barely moving at all. Janey blushes mumbling hello. "So Janey heard you like that band what's it called." Janeys staring at him with wide eyes, hes talking to her! "One Direction and yes." She says awkwardly. "Yee Niall I have his phone number, want it? Me and him were talking all night yesterday, he's gas." He says and from the corner of my eye I can see her biting her lip. Shes giggling madly, oh god  I'll never see the end of this. 

Another lad walks up to Gisty  and they start talking. The lad who just came over is screaming at the other friends from Gistys gang to come over to us. "No don't i don't want them to come over." Gisty says. I turn to Janey and raise my eyebrows at her she looks back at me blushing, not really getting me. "He doesn't want to be interrupted while talking to you!" I whisper into her ear and she starts giggling even more, I roll my eyes at her and laugh lightly. Gistys friends start making their way over, nobody likes them well we don't because they're so damn annoying. 

A seven or eight year old girl sits on the side of the bench beside me. "Adam is so gay." She says to me, I laugh at her and see Adam lunging at her with a long stick. I laugh at the two of them as he tries catching her screaming " I'm not gay! Take it back!! I swear if i Catch you!" The girl is laughing madly while running around our bench. I'm possibly the only one paying attention as  Janey is currently staring at Gistys butt, he was talking to he about Justin Bieber too but I wasn;t listening. James, Adam's twin walks over to the gang too and the little girl starts running around him in circles. "Okay, Okay! James is the gay one!" She says running away from James now. Most of the people are doubled over laughing, me and Janey keep laughing at them too. Even though we hate them I guess they're kinda fun. Gisty starts dragging his friends away from us but they're all too busy. "Wanna go?"  I whisper to Janey and with one last look at Gisty and a sigh he nods and we get up quickly leaving the park. Thankfully we live beside it and its a lovely warm day. The Seventeenth  of August...

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