Bad News

His ocean blue eyes pierced my soul as he leaned against the brick wall surrounded by a group of guys that were just like him. They all had tattoos and piercing and weirdly it was very attractive. He looked like bad news. But how was I to know someone I literally just layed eyes on? He just had this look. This look that wasn't a good look, a kind of look i'd always avoided before, being scared out of my mind. But this time, I wasn't scared at all. No, more like intrigued. My mind wanted to know more but my body refused.


6. Surgery & Housing.

The surgery went well I suppose. Everything went as planned and I was doing okay. I woke up in the hospital bed, just an hour after surgery and looked to the right of me and saw Niall sitting in one of the chairs beside the bed looking down at his phone screen. As soon as I started to sit up he looked up and rushed to my bed and grabbed my arms. "The doctors said you should stay still for at least another 30 minutes," he said checking his phone for the time. "Why don't we just lay back down?" I nodded in agreement and he helped me lay back down.

"I'll go get the doctors and tell them you're up. How ya feelin?" he asked. "Fine." I say but it comes out basically as a whisper. He nodded and left the room.

I couldn't believe he was doing this. I'd only known him for like a week? It was just amazing someone would do this. I've never had anyone like this in my life before. I was always the forgotten one...The closest person I had was my 'bestfriend' back in Ireland. I use the term best friend very loosely. She always talked about me behind my back and made up rumors about me and so on. Now that I think about it, I really didn't like her.

My thoughts were interrupted by the door. In walked Niall and the doctor. "Hey Jade!" He greeted me, cheerfully. I smiled at him, not wanting to talk at the moment. "How are you feeling? Any pain?" "A little in my arm." I say. He nods. "That's completely normal. As you can see, we've replaced your casts on your ankle and arm." I glance at my body for the first time. How did I not notice that? "Well, your welcome to leave whenever you please, just see the nurse at the front desk for your prescription. She will also explain your next check-up and all the other information you may need."

After the doctor left the room, we kinda just sat there awkwardly. "Soo uhm, do you want to run by your house and get some clothes since you'll be staying with me the next couple weeks?" He asked me. "Yeah, yeah of course." I say, realizing that I will be staying with him. "Can you help me out of here?" I say, trying to get out of the bed. "Oh yeah. Sorry." he says rushing over. He picked me up bridal-style and put me in the wheelchair.

"I'm not so hyped about being in this stupid wheelchair." I say laughing, as he pushes me down the hallway. "You know, we could have a little fun with this." He suggests. I turn around to see what he mean, shooting him a confused look. "Hold on." I can suddenly see the wild look in his eyes.

We were laughing uncontrollably after he pushed me down the hallway 9237329 miles per hour and then got in trouble by some lady that works there! It was the hardest I've laughed in a while. The nurse said that I had to be back in 2 weeks for a check-up and to see where I was with the medication.


Niall's house was surprisingly nice. It's not like I thought he was poor or anything, it's just he said he lived alone which must mean his parents either died or left him. It's horrible, really. He showed me to a room that was right next to his and I put all of my stuff in there. He said it's important for me to be close just in case I need something.

"Jadeeee!" I heard niall call from the living room. "Yeah?" I say as I roll in there. "I'm ordering pizza. Is that okay?" I nodded my head and smiled. "Cool! Do you want to talk until then?" "Sure I guess." He sat down on the couch and helped me out of my wheelchair. He grabbed under my knees and behind my back. He leaned down trying to pick me up and his big, blue eyes made contact with my green ones. I noticed he glanced down at my lips. Temptation started to come over my body and I secretly wanted him to want to kiss me. I quickly snapped back to my real shy, self conscious self, and I looked down at the ground, breaking our moment.

"Tell me about yourself. I want to know EVERYTHING." he urged. I giggled a little bit. "Well I was born in Ireland, where I've been living until a couple weeks ago. My mother is always gone on business and of course you know about my father. I love volleyball and basketball. My dream would be to grow up and become a marine biologist. I love the ocean and everything about it. What about you Mr. Tough Guy? What's your life story?"

"Neither my mom or dad ever cared about me... They left me and nobody else could do anything to help me since I was already 16. That's when I got my own place and learned to take care of myself. Oh and my buddies stay over sometimes, but I never let them bring girls so you don't have to worry about that." I nodded.

It was awkward for a moment, because we had nothing else to say, really. "Jade can I ask you something?" "yeah of course." "On your first day at school, when we say each other outside, did I scare you?" I took a deep breathe. If I said the wrong thing, I could make him angry or sad or I could make him think im a total freak or im obsessed with him.

"Honestly, not completely. Usually yes but.." My voice trailed off. "I don't really know how to say this without sounding weird... but there was something about you and it made me not afraid for a split second. I wanted to talk to you but then I came back to who I really was, and got scared and nervous."

I sat in silence, waiting for him to say something. His eyes begged for forgiveness, but I didn't understand why. "Do I still scare you?" He asked, almost broken. "I don't know.." I wasn't going to lie. I looked down at my lap and played with my hands. I didn't even notice Niall getting closer to me. He put a hand under my chin and lifted my head up so our faces were only inches apart. "Do I scare you when I do this?" He whispered, and his lips softly met mine. I was kind of shocked, so it took me a little bit to start kissing him back. He bit his lip as I slowly pulled out of the kiss. He looked down and put his forehead on mine.

"I'm sorry.." He said as he sat back and sighed. "im so stupid."

"Hey! Don't say that." I smiled at him. "And to answer your question, no. You don't scare me when you do that."

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