Bad News

His ocean blue eyes pierced my soul as he leaned against the brick wall surrounded by a group of guys that were just like him. They all had tattoos and piercing and weirdly it was very attractive. He looked like bad news. But how was I to know someone I literally just layed eyes on? He just had this look. This look that wasn't a good look, a kind of look i'd always avoided before, being scared out of my mind. But this time, I wasn't scared at all. No, more like intrigued. My mind wanted to know more but my body refused.


4. It's just a game.

Getting dressed was a struggle. I just slipped on a marvel tank top, which wasn't that hard because it was loose-fitting. I put on some jean shorts which was really hard because I had to get them over my splint on my ankle only using one hand. Once I finally got them on, I slipped on some red vans and had my mom French braid my hair into a bun.

My mom dropped me off at school as I nervously walked into the school's big glass doors. I spotted Stephanie talking to 2 other girls against a locker. Then I saw Niall's group on the opposite side of the hall. I started off walking towards them but quickly changed directions back to Stephanie. I really didn't feel comfortable talking to him around his 'group'.

"Hey!" I said to Stephanie. She turned around and looked at me. "Oh my gosh you poor thing!" She said with a pouty face and quickly gave me a weak hug, careful not to hurt me. "Doesn't that hurt your arm to walk on crutches like that?" "Like crazy!" I said and we laughed. "Oh!," she remembers the other two girls standing there. "This is Alexa and this is Jordyn." She says gesturing to the girls and I waved and nod. They smile back.

The bell rang and I said bye to all of them. I took in a deep breathe as I made my way to my first class, where Mr. Jones was patiently waiting for us to arrive. I sat by Niall in this class, so i'll take as a perfect opportunity to say thank you to him.

I walked in the door and Niall wasn't sitting down yet. As the bell drew near, Niall walked in, with 15 seconds to spare. Mr. Jones started the lesson immediately. This was all old stuff to me. I'd learned this back in Ireland. I didn't really want to talk to him directly so I quickly scribbled down a note.

                  "Thank you for yesterday. I really appreciate it. Turns out I'm injured pretty bad. But uhm yeah thanks."

When he was looking at the board I quickly put the note on his desk and looked up at the board as well. I didn't want to make eye contact. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he opened the note and read it. He smiled to himself and tucked my note away in his bag.

I sighed in hope that he wasn't going to say anything.


The next 4 classes were really boring. Nothing really happened. Lunch hour came and the people in halls quickly dispersed. I was the last one out of the classrooms and made my way my locker. I opened the door and set down my books and my bag.

"So." I basically jumped out of my skin at the voice and hand that appeared right behind me. I turned around and my body was trapped because there were those eyes with his hand up against the locker right beside my head. "How bad did you hurt yourself?" He asked. "I uhm well I." I stuttered, clearly caught off-guard. He chuckled. "am I really that hot?" He smirked. "No!," I protested. "I just wasn't expecting to be caught like that!" He just looked at me with a smile on his lips. "Why are you looking at me like that?" I ask him. "Youre accent is so adorable." He says.

I gulp, not knowing what to say. "So are you gonna answer my question?" He says. "Oh. Well I broke both bones in my arm and broke my ankle. I'm having x-rays done today to see if I need surgery." "That sucks." He says. "Yeah especially since I was going to try out for volleyball." He smirks. "You play volleyball?" "Yeah..." that was a weird question. why did he ask it like that? "That is so hot." he says and comes closer to me, leaving only inches between us. Did he think I was going to kiss him just like that? Well two can play at that game. "Oh really?" I ask and get closer to him, only about a millimeter between our noses. "Yeah." he whispers. "Cute girls in tiny shorts. Oh yeah." He groans and put our foreheads together. "I wish you would get better so I could see you play." He whispers, again. I lean into his neck and breathe on it. He lifts his head up and shuts his eyes. What? He thought I was just gonna give him a hickey right there in the halls. "Sucks for you." I whisper and brush off his shoulder and walk away. I look out of the corner of my eyes and see him leaned up against the locker, eyeing me.

I think I played that well.


Hey guys! So I might write another chapter tonight but i'm not sure yet. Maybe. I know the chapters aren't long but i'm trying to get one up every night! Well byeee



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