sweet dreams

Just another johnlock tale.
Feels, many feels. A lot of johnlock-fluff and maybe some tears.


3. dream or reality?

Suddenly John pulled back and stared at Sherlock's pale face again, unable to believe what he saw, unable to bear or analyze all the feelings this man was the reason for. These blue intelligent eyes, full of tears, looking directly into his soul, they could not be real.
Desperately glaring at Sherlock John decided he must have been dreaming again. But even if it was ripping his heart apart, he did not want his dreams and nightmares to stop for only through them he got to see this beautifull and heartbreaking face again.
Sherlock was confused. His John seemed so happy to see him, but now he was just staring at him sadly, the frozen tears made him look older than he was. Sherlock didnt know what that facial expression ment as he had never seen john or anybody looking like this before. After some seconds that felt like years, Sherlock heared John whisper like to himself "If this is a dream, I'm at least going to make it a good one" before pulling him into a tight bonecrushing hug.
Now Sherlock understood Johns confusing behaviour, he obviously had had nightmares of him... thinking of a lonely and seemingly abandoned John, crying at night over a nightmare of him beeing jnreachable as he had been, made Sherlock feeling even more guilty and released the tears in his eyes.
He softly made room between them and forced John to look him in the eyes. "This is none of your nightmares my dear John. I am real and I am back for you.", he said with his voice breaking as his tears froze leaving reflecting trails over his cheekbones, before softly kissing John. "And I will never leave you again."

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