It's Where My Demon's Hide

One Direction. Their name is known everywhere. Not for a good reason etheir. One Direction, the boys we thought we knew... are criminals. They kidnapp girls and messes with their heads before killing them. They target all over the country. Sadly, for certain girls.. there luck isn't with them. But. do these boys have a story behind their nasty ways? Will they fall in love with their victums?

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3. Chapter 3

Kyliee's POV

I woke up to the smell of bacon. I slowly stretched and saw, Brittney and Cory weren't in here. I quickly run to the kitchen and grab a plate of eggs and bacon. Cory quietly goes to Clarissa and Emma and wakes them up. While I eat Brittney puts her plate in the sink then starts to freak out again.

"Gee Brittney take an Ice cream, sit down, and chill" Clarissa groans. Emma runs to take a shower and gets dressed. I finish and set my plate into the dishwasher. I quickly start it after putting all the dishes into it. I sat down on the couch and I heard a knock at the door. I quickly ran to it looking through the peep hole to make sure it wasn't anybody dangerous. It was Cory? I opened the door slightly,

"Cory why are you out there?" I wonder.

"I was throwing out the trash, let me in" She rolls her eyes knowing what im thinking. I slowly pry open the door and letting her in. I quickly hopped into the shower after Emma and relaxed under the warm water. This was the time were I could think about nothing. Absoulutly nothing and I would feel amazing. It felt like pebbles on my back as the steam rose on the glass of the shower door. I relaxed my muscles and started shampooing my hair. Thats when peaceful thoughts came. I slowly hummed a random melodie and when I was finished taking a shower I quickly got dressed and out so Clarissa could take one.

Brittney's POV

After everyone had their showers Clarissa was putting on her make-up, like always she is the last to be done. Emma is sleeping in the guest room, Cory is sitting in the other room playing on her phone, and Kyliee is with Cory. Im sitting watching t.v. on the couch and I get a text from my brother,

"Hey Britt im coming over to Clarissa's Cory told me what happened! Be there in a matter of minutes!"

My brother was always protective over me, a little too much sometimes. I quickly grabbed a backpack and filled it with items we might need and told the girls. Clarissa alowed us to bring make-up and some of her clothes, it doesnt matter if they fit or not I have spare clothes the girls left there too. I heard a knock and yelled,

"Be there in a minute JOSHIE POOH" I giggled knowing he hated that nickname. I opened the door and my eyes widened. Did he get a make-over? Cause this isn't my brother!

"Hey!" I say hugging him, "Come in, Did you get your hair dyed? Contacts? A tan? You look different Josh" I laugh looking him up and down then it hits me. Thats not Josh, Its Niall Horan.  My eyes go wide and I scream for the girls, they come rushing in,

"What the hell bri-" They get cut off by the door opening and Harry hoffing,

"Who said we wouldn't catch you?" He slightly laughs and picks Clarissa up as she hits and kicks him and the rest of the boys carry us to the truck. I see my brother pull up just as I get shoved in, but I scream and kick, I wasn't going without a fight.  My brother glances and sees me, I stop and make eye contact as well does he, but after he snaps into reality, I got shoved into the car and he tried running over. It was too late, I started crying. What are we going to do now....


Hey guys! I don't have much to say! although its short! Go follow my friend @Forever_and_infinity  Shes an amazing writer! Her names Bailey! On Wattpad!!


Question of the chapter: Where do you guys live? North/South America,  Aisa,  Atlanta, Where?!

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